Russian digital services and those that have not left russian market

Russian digital services and those that have not left russian market

In today’s digital world, access to various arbitration services and platforms may seem extremely convenient and attractive. However, among the mass of offers, there are those that not only do not meet quality and security standards but are Russian and have not left the Russian market since the beginning of the full-scale invasion and continue to operate in Russia. In this article, we will consider Russian arbitration services that should be avoided due to their lack of ethical principles and other undesirable aspects.

365SMS – Service for SMS Marketing

The 365sms service, created in Russia and located in the .ru domain zone, does not hide the fact that it is a Russian product. Although it attracts attention with its offer in the field of arbitration. However, despite the apparent convenience and attractiveness, users should carefully consider its advantages and disadvantages before making a choice.

It is worth noting that the 365sms service is not transparent enough in terms of its activities and internal processes. Our team did not find any clear information about the development team, their qualifications, and their experience, which continues to raise doubts about the reliability and professionalism of the platform.

SocProxy – Service for mobile proxies

SocProxy is a service for buying mobile proxies, also located in the .ru domain zone. But you can choose Ukraine among the available locations.

SocProxy may have its advantages and capabilities, but it is important to carefully consider its actual capabilities and risks, in particular, taking into account its Russian origin.

Octotracker – a tracker for arbitrageurs

OctoTracker, a Russian service with a registration address in Moscow, has its peculiarities and risks that should be taken into account by users. Given the geopolitical context and possible data security issues, Ukrainian users may be better off avoiding using this service. Instead, they should consider using Western or Ukrainian counterparts, which may provide greater confidence in the security and privacy of their data.

Dolphin Anty – an anti-detection browser

Dolphin{anty} is an anti-detection browser designed specifically for traffic arbitration on Google, Facebook, and TikTok. 

Even though the dolphin{anty} website lists Cyprus as the place of registration, the founder of ZHITNYAKOV SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS LTD is a Russian citizen, Denis Zhitnyakov. Given this, Ukrainian users should carefully consider the possible risks and benefits of using this service before using its services. – Virtual cards for advertising

Yescard, a company registered in New Castle, Delaware, USA, is unknown to the general public. Unfortunately, even with the information on their official website, there are limited details about their activities and operations.

According to the information available on their LinkedIn profile, Yescard has only one employee, who, according to LinkedIn, is Russian. This may raise some questions about the structure of the company and its actual location.

Given the limited information available and lack of widespread recognition, users considering working or interacting with Yescard are advised to conduct detailed due diligence and additional research to understand its reputation, stability, and legitimacy. – Virtual cards is a service that may be aimed at Ukrainian users, as it has a Ukrainian localization and the developer company PARTNERS MC LLP is registered in the UK, which does not raise any doubts at first glance.

However, when trying to find out more about Multicards through the company’s LinkedIn profile, our team found only one employee with a Russian education. This may indicate that the service may have Russian connections or resources, but this is not reflected in public information sources.

This discrepancy between a company’s registered country and national localization can be a source of resentment for users who are looking for transparency and consistency in their relationship with a service. They may feel that their trust has been violated due to inconsistent information.


The registration of Russian companies in other countries and attempts to enter the Ukrainian market under pseudo-foreign brands is one of the business practices that can undermine transparency and cause distrust among consumers. Repeated cases of changes in the registration places of companies and unreliable information about their activities indicate the need for careful analysis and verification of the reliability of such services.

Ukrainian users are advised to be cautious when interacting with Russian services, especially if they have international registration but do not display appropriate transparency and evidence-based activities. Look for alternatives to services on the Western or Ukrainian market that have a stable reputation and reliable user reviews. It is also important to verify information and research facts before trusting any service or company to ensure your safety and protect your interests.

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