PIN-UP Partners is a leading participant in the iGaming market with a wide range of GEOs, adapted payment systems, and licensed products.
Gambling +2
5.0 (1)
iGame Panda – international affiliate program for gambling and betting
iGame Panda
Gambling +2
4.9 (3)
TRAFFI CAKE casino ta betting-oferi
Traffic cake
Gambling +1
0.0 (0)
Welcome to our global winning affiliate program. STATTA is finally going public with highly convertible gambling offers.
0.0 (0)
Effective 1win Partners affiliate program for traffic monetization in iGaming. Attract and earn with an audience of over 30 million players.
1win Partners
Gambling +1
0.0 (0)
Click2Dep is a gambling CPA network with more than 300 offers from well-known brands around the world
Gambling +1
0.0 (0)
7BitPartners is a gambling affiliate program with three licensed in-house offsers and worldwide coverage.
0.0 (0)
Affstellar is a CPA network in the iGaming vertical that provides access to more than 600 offers in 50+ GEOs
0.0 (0) is your reliable partner and direct advertiser. Join the official affiliate program for successful cooperation.
7x7 partners
0.0 (0) – Ukrainian gambling and betting CPA-network, created by the team, more than 3 years pouring iGaming-traffic through chatbots.
Gambling +2
0.0 (0)
THEAFF – a CPA affiliate network that offers more than 100 offers in 40+ countries.
0.0 (0)
Gambeat is a CPA network with more than 200 iGaming offers from leading brands.
Gambling +1
0.0 (0)
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Best gambling affiliate programs

Online casino affiliate programs are offers from advertisers in the iGaming industry. This vertical is one of the most lucrative for arbitrageurs and is constantly relevant as interest in gambling does not diminish. With the development of the internet, casinos are moving more and more online, leading to an increased selection of high commission offers.

The choice of gambling affiliate for beginners

The main difficulty for beginners in gambling arbitrage is finding the right affiliate program. Affiliate programs may be available on the sites of the casinos themselves or through CPA networks, which serve as a guarantee of honesty of payments from the advertiser, offer a variety of offers and reward models.

For beginners, not all gambling affiliates are not suitable due to the presence of unlicensed providers, especially in the Russian Federation and CIS countries, where there may be legal problems. This limits the choice of traffic sources: contextual advertising, targeting in social networks and some banner networks may not be available. In addition, traffic from so-called buxom sites is often not accepted by many gambling affiliates.

When choosing a gambling affiliate, it is important to consider the reputation of the program, terms of cooperation, available offers and requirements for traffic sources to avoid possible problems and maximize your income.

Best gambling affiliates

Traffic sources for successful betting gambling arbitrage

Choosing the right traffic source is critical once you have decided on a gambling affiliate program from our rankings. Let’s take a look at the most effective traffic sources and strategies for gambling affiliates:

  • Facebook and WebView apps: Many affiliate programs provide specialized apps for gambling offers. You will also find examples of successful campaigns using this bundle.
  • Google UAC (Universal App Campaigns): This channel is suitable for promoting apps, while requiring creatives that are as compliant with Google’s rules as possible.
  • Traffic from Instagram or TikTok to Telegram channels: Using social media to redirect audiences to Telegram, especially given the large female audience on Instagram, can be effective for attracting to the iGaming sphere.
  • Videoblogging on Twitch and YouTube: Collaborating with bloggers, placing banners and links in chats and comments under videos opens up access to a wide audience.
  • Telegram feeds with schemed traffic, pooches, popunders: These sources can offer affordable traffic, but they are not always accepted by advertisers due to the association with incentivized traffic. Nevertheless, if these sources are allowed, they can be profitable.

When choosing a traffic source, it is important to consider the advertiser’s policies regarding specific channels and traffic types to ensure compliance and maximize ROI.


Gambling and betting – one vertical or not?”

Gambling and betting are different verticals in traffic arbitrage, although both are related to gambling. Gambling includes online casinos, slots, roulette, and other games of chance. Betting, or sports betting, focuses on predicting sporting events. Both of these areas attract audiences interested in gambling, but have different approaches and monetization strategies.

What are the benefits of gambling arbitrage?

Gambling arbitrage offers a number of benefits, including high revenue potential due to the high engagement and willingness of the audience to spend money on gambling. There is a wide range of offers and geographic markets to choose from, as well as a variety of advertising strategies and traffic sources. In addition, gambling affiliates often offer favorable terms of cooperation and support for their affiliates.

How much can I earn from gambling affiliates?

Income in gambling affiliates can vary greatly depending on the experience of the arbitrageur, the selected offers, strategy and traffic sources. Some affiliates earn thousands of dollars per month, while others may see more modest results. Continuous testing, analyzing results, and optimizing campaigns are important success factors.

How is it more profitable to pour on gambling affiliates – by CPA or by revshare?”

The choice between CPA (pay per action) and revshare (share of revenue) depends on your goals and preferences. CPA offers a fixed reward for each player referred, which may be preferable for generating quick profits. Revshare allows you to earn a share of the losses of referred players over the course of their time playing at the casino, which can lead to a higher income in the long run, but with more variability in results.

What are the gambling affiliate programs for beginners?”

For beginners, it is important to choose affiliate programs with good support, transparent terms and training materials. Look for affiliates that offer convenient tools for analyzing and optimizing campaigns, as well as ready to provide recommendations on the choice of offers and setting up advertising. You should start with programs that have positive reviews in the affiliate community and offer high-converting affiliate offers for beginners.

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