PIN-UP Partners is a leading participant in the iGaming market with a wide range of GEOs, adapted payment systems, and licensed products.
Gambling +2
5.0 (1)
LEAD PANDA CPA network in the financial vertical
Lead Panda
Crypto +2
5.0 (2)
iGame Panda – international affiliate program for gambling and betting
iGame Panda
Gambling +2
4.9 (3)
CatAffs is a direct advertiser for CatCasino and Gama. Offers dynamic revshare and CPA bids up to €250.
0.0 (0)

Rating of the best CPA affiliates

CPA networks serve as an important connecting platform where arbitrageurs can earn from referring customers, and advertisers can earn from promoting their products or services to increase profits through new customers.

Stypes of CPA networks

In the arsenal of top CPA-networks are platforms with a variety of offers, both from local and international companies. They can be categorized into several categories depending on the type of advertisers and verticals offered.

Some CPA networks provide access to a huge number of advertisers, allowing you to connect to, for example, offers from various DVR manufacturers or a multitude of dating sites. Other networks specialize in partnering with specific advertisers, such as bookmakers who prefer direct traffic attraction without intermediaries. These affiliates often offer higher quality promos and detailed traffic guidelines.

There are also CPA networks that specialize in one vertical, such as gambling, where online casino offers are exclusively available. These vertically-oriented platforms offer the largest selection of offers in their niche. At the same time, multi-vertical CPA networks, such as Admitad, allow you to promote a wide range of products and services – from online stores to financial services, collecting thousands of offers under one roof.

Each type of CPA-network has its own advantages, and the choice depends on the arbitrageur’s goals, preferences in working with certain advertisers or verticals and traffic monetization strategy.

Ranking of the best CPA affiliates

Payment models in CPA networks

In the arsenal of leading CPA-networks are offers with a variety of payment models that meet the interests of both advertisers and arbitrageurs. Depending on the advertiser’s goals, remuneration can be fixed per completed order or per user registration. Let’s take a look at the main reward models:

  • Percentage of Order: In this case, the arbitrageur receives a percentage of the amount spent by the referred customer. This means that the more the customer spends, the higher your commission. This approach is often used by online stores, for example, Lamoda can offer up to 12% of the purchase price. Betting and gambling affiliates may also offer a share of user deposits.
  • CPA (Cost Per Action): This is the most common model, which involves payment for a specific user action, such as placing and confirming an order, registering with a deposit or reaching a certain level in a game. Unlike the percentage model, there is a fixed payment per action, such as $25 for a deposit or 900 ₽ per order.
  • RevShare (Revenue Sharing): Under this model, the advertiser shares with the arbitrageur a percentage of the net profit from the referred user’s activity. Payments continue for the duration of the customer’s activity, potentially for the lifetime of the customer. This model is most commonly found in gambling and betting, where arbitrageurs have access to free traffic.
  • Hybrid model: Combines CPA and RevShare, offering the arbitrageur first a fixed amount per action performed by the user, and then a percentage of the advertiser’s revenue from that user. It is used primarily in gambling and betting, where the arbitrageur can capitalize on both types of rewards.

Each of these models has its own advantages and is suitable for different traffic monetization strategies, allowing arbitrageurs to choose the most suitable conditions for cooperation with advertisers.

Attracting traffic to offers through the leading CPA networks

The leading CPA affiliate networks of 2022 open a wide range of opportunities to attract traffic from various sources. Here are a few proven ways:

  • Own websites: Leverage the potential of an already developed website by placing specialized articles or banners related to the offerers on it. Creating a site for a specific niche, such as an online casino, will allow you to connect to a variety of offers and generate income regardless of the user’s choice.
  • Dorways: Create simple sites aimed at promoting the main resource. These sites usually contain minimal content, but are optimized for keywords to attract traffic to your main site or advertiser’s lending.
  • Google Ads: Contextual advertising on Google offers a huge reach. However, due to strict moderation, additional measures such as cloaking and account farming are required to promote gray zone offsers.
  • Social media advertising: Posting promotional posts in groups with a targeted audience can be effective for promoting various products and services, including toys, weight loss supplements, and others.
  • Targeted advertising: Ideal for “white” offers, allowing you to customize advertising campaigns for specific target audiences. Additional traffic attraction strategies are required for “gray” offfers.
  • Facebook: A popular platform for targeted advertising due to its ability to reach a wide international audience. Gray-offers require the use of preloading and multiple accounts.
  • YouTube: Owning your own channel can be a powerful tool for attracting traffic for any type of offerer, whether it’s a dating site or a major retailer.
  • Push networks and teaser networks: Both sources offer affordable traffic with the potential for high conversions, thanks to personalized notifications and clickbait ads.

The choice of traffic attraction method depends on your budget, target audience and conditions of a particular CPA network. The main thing is to strive for the promotion costs to be lower than the income from rewards for successfully attracted customers.

Earnings potential in CPA-partnerships in 2024

The earning potential in CPA affiliates in 2024 varies depending on the offerer you choose, the specifics of the vertical, and the effectiveness of your campaign setup and optimization. Income can range from no profit and loss to significant amounts earned by top arbitrageurs, reaching 1-2 million rubles of net profit per month. Let’s take a look at a few cases demonstrating the earning potential to give you an idea of the opportunities in this field.


What is the difference between an affiliate program and CPA-network?

The main difference between an affiliate program and a CPA network is the scale and range of offers. An affiliate program is usually an offer from a single advertiser or company offering specific services or products. A CPA network combines many affiliate programs from different advertisers, providing arbitrageurs with a wide range of offers in different verticals.

How to choose a CPA network for traffic arbitrage?

The choice of a CPA network should be based on several key criteria: the verticals and offerers offered, payment terms, support and tools for arbitrageurs. It is also important to consider feedback from other users and the network’s reputation in the market. Start by researching networks that specialize in the niches you’re interested in and compare their offerings.

Which CPA networks are considered the best and why?

The best CPA networks are highly reputable, offer competitive payment terms and a wide range of offers in different verticals. They also provide effective tools for tracking results and support for arbitrageurs. Among the criteria by which the best networks are evaluated are payment reliability, quality and variety of offers, and positive feedback from marketers.

How much can you earn in a CPA network?

Income in CPA-network can vary greatly depending on the chosen vertical, offers, quality and volume of traffic, as well as personal skills and arbitrage strategies. Some arbitrageurs earn a few hundred dollars a month, while experienced professionals can reach incomes of tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Continuous training, analysis and optimization of campaigns are important success factors.

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