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Rating the best commodity affiliate programs 2024

Commodity affiliate programs are specialized platforms or networks that provide their affiliates with pay-per-action (CPA) offers in the physical goods segment. These programs may specialize solely in commodity offers or may include other types of CPA offers. An affiliate program acts as an intermediary between advertisers and affiliates, whether they are arbitrageurs or webmasters, providing a link between them. It searches for and connects offers from advertisers, supports affiliates in attracting traffic to these offers and settles all relationships between participants. As a result, the affiliate program collects funds from advertisers and makes payments to affiliates.

Ranking of the best product affiliates 2024

Categories of Commodity Offers

In the sphere of commodity offers, arbitrageurs meet with a variety of offers, categorized depending on the product category or the proposed solution to a certain problem. Let’s take a look at the main categories.

Beauty offers

This category brings together products that aim to improve the buyer’s appearance. These include various creams and other products that are usually available in cosmetic stores. Unlike nutraceuticals (nutra-offers), these products are “white”, i.e. they do not promise an immediate solution to any problems and can be advertised without source restrictions.

An example of such an offer is a CPA offer for a makeup brush. This product is clearly aimed at improving appearance without making unrealistic promises or violating legislation. It is suitable for both personal use and as a gift.

Health & Wellness

The CPA industry separates the “Beauty” and “Health” categories of offers, although sometimes they are combined into one under the name “Health and Beauty Products.” It is important to note the distinction: while offers in the Beauty category are aimed at improving appearance, offers in the Health category focus on fixing health problems. An example would be products aimed at improving the function of the genitourinary system. In contrast to nutraceuticals, here you will not meet means with dubious promises and unproven effectiveness, which could cause censure on advertising platforms.


This segment of goods can also attribute to themselves “magical” qualities, but they do not require certification, which makes them more attractive to advertising platforms. Such goods include amulets, talismans and jewelry. These CPA offerings are ideal for promotion through various channels due to the high interest in products promising “magical” effects amidst the general uncertainty felt by many people from 2020. Due to their affordable price, these products appeal to a wide audience of customers of different ages and genders.

Strategies to make money in traffic arbitrage on product offers

Strategies for making money in traffic arbitrage on product offers

Traffic arbitrage on product offers provides arbitrageurs and their teams with plenty of opportunities to make money. Let’s take a look at the key factors that contribute to their success.

Commodity arbitrage is based on so-called “white” CPA offers, which makes the work of arbitrageurs easier: there is no need to find ways around various restrictions. In addition, information about such offers is available, which makes it easier to analyze the actions of competitors.

Products offered within the framework of commodity CPA offers are often familiar and understandable without additional study. These are products from everyday life, so you don’t have to spend time explaining their purpose and benefits. An example is a common toothpaste, the purpose of which is clear to everyone.

Demand for commodity CPA offerings is usually high and stable, whether they are everyday products or ideal gift options. This ensures a constant flow of consumers.

Due to their wide popularity, commodity offers become an effective tool for arbitrageurs and webmasters in achieving high results in their work.

How to choose the right affiliate program for traffic arbitrage

Determining the best affiliate program or network for traffic arbitrage takes time and a series of tests with different platforms. Working with two or three affiliate programs, comparing their conditions, responsiveness in solving arising issues and quality of offers, the arbitrageur eventually chooses the most suitable option. Over time, he can get access to exclusive offers or start cooperating directly with advertisers.

FAQ on commodity offers in CPA marketing

What are commodity offers in CPA marketing?

Commodity Offers in CPA marketing are offers where affiliates (arbitrageurs) receive a commission for taking certain actions with physical goods, such as making a purchase or placing an order. These offers usually include a wide range of products, from cosmetics to home appliances.

What is white labeling?

White commodity in the context of CPA-marketing refers to offers related to the sale of legal, safe for the consumer goods that do not require special permits or certification. This can be all kinds of everyday goods, cosmetics, accessories, etc., the sale of which fully complies with the law.

What is gray goods?

Gray commodity includes products and services that are in the legal “gray zone”. These may be products with ambiguous status, such as adult products, copies of branded items, or products that require special attention to advertising messages due to strict legal restrictions. Promoting such products often requires special approaches and caution.

What do product affiliates or networks pay arbitrageurs for?

Merchandise affiliates or networks pay arbitrageurs for attracting customers and making them take targeted actions, such as placing an order, making a purchase or performing other actions set out in the terms of the offer. The arbitrageur is paid a commission for each confirmed action that meets the terms of the offer.

Which traffic sources are popular in this vertical?

Various traffic sources are popular in the product offer vertical, including contextual advertising, targeted advertising in social networks, traffic from blogs and thematic sites, email marketing, messenger advertising and mobile applications. The choice of traffic source depends on the specifics of the offer, the target audience and the arbitrageur’s experience in working with a particular channel.

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