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Rating the Best Sweepstakes

In a certain niche, traffic arbitrage involves attracting the target audience through sweepstakes of popular products. The main goal here is to collect the user’s contact information, for which the arbitrageur is rewarded. Once the data is collected, the advertiser uses it to generate revenue on their end, a process that usually doesn’t involve the arbitrageur.

There are three main payout models within this strategy:

  • SOI (Single Opt-In). The webmaster gets paid for each email address collected, requiring no additional confirmation.
  • DOI (Double Opt-In). Payment is made for the collection and validation of the email address, which ensures a higher quality of the collected data.
  • CC Submit. Rewards are provided for linking the user’s bank card, sometimes with a minimum transaction required. This model requires more complex actions from the arbitrageur to convert, but the payment for a successful conversion is significantly higher compared to SOI/DOI.

Ranking the Best Sweepstakes

Selecting the Right Offer

Offers based on the CC Submit model are gaining popularity nowadays, which, as experience shows, can bring arbitrageurs significantly more income compared to SOI/DOI models if approached correctly.

There are two main ways to choose an offer:

  • The first and most common way is to use smartlinks. The affiliate network provides the arbitrator with a smart link to include in the advertising campaign. Thanks to a built-in algorithm, the system automatically directs the user to the most appropriate offer. This method simplifies the process for the webmaster and provides fast payments – usually within 10-12 days after the realization of the conversion.
  • The second method is preferred by arbitrageurs seeking a more traditional approach, when they know exactly what traffic and to which offer is directed. This method allows them to develop more specific and effective creatives, thus increasing conversion rates. In the selection of specific offerers can greatly assist the affiliate program manager, who has up-to-date information on conversions and can suggest the most effective options.

Traffic Sources and Geo

Sweepstakes can be run through a variety of traffic channels. It is important that the traffic be as affordable as possible, given that payouts for SOI and DOI type actions typically do not exceed $10, with expected average rewards in the neighborhood of $1-5.

Working on a percentage basis with social media influencers, for example, can be ideal. You can experiment with different methods, including messenger spam, email blasts, push notifications, teaser ads, while trying not to give the user the impression of fraud, as many black offers use similar techniques. Having your own resources, such as channels, blogs or websites, will be a great advantage.

Geographically, sweepstakes were initially targeted mainly at first-tier countries (tier-1) and, less frequently, second-tier countries (tier-2). American audiences, for example, are well-received by sweepstakes and are used to such promotions.

Advertisers are usually not interested in traffic from less solvent regions, avoiding the CIS audience due to the Soviet legacy and love of free offers, which can negatively affect advertising campaigns. However, there has been a trend in recent years to enter Asian and Eastern European markets, where companies are cautiously testing the perception of sweepstakes. It’s important to remember that advertisers want users who are willing to take a targeted action and provide relevant information, not just freeloaders.


What are Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes is a type of affiliate marketing where participants are recruited to participate in giveaways or contests with the opportunity to win valuable prizes. Participants provide their contact information (such as email) to participate, and arbitrageurs (webmasters) get paid for each participant referred. Offers may include various products, subscriptions, gadgets and other attractive prizes.

Where to get traffic

Traffic for sweepstakes can be drawn from a variety of sources. Popular options include social networks (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok), contextual advertising (Google AdWords), targeted advertising on specialized platforms, blogs and forums, email marketing, and traffic from partner sites. The choice of source depends on the target audience of a particular sweepstakes and the budget of the campaign.

How much can you earn from sweepstakes?

The income from participating in sweepstakes can vary greatly depending on many factors, such as the offserts chosen, the quality and volume of traffic, the effectiveness of the advertising campaign, as well as the competence of the arbitrageur. Some webmasters earn a few hundred dollars per month, while others can reach thousands or even more, especially when working with high-conversion offerers and large volumes of traffic. The main key to success is careful analysis, testing different strategies and constant optimization of campaigns.

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