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Volsor is a financial affiliate program for European traffic in the field of payday loans. It works with euros, zlotys, kronor, and dollars.
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Storm Digital is a leading CPA network for MFIs and gambling programs in Ukraine and worldwide, providing high-quality affiliate solutions.
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Best Financial Affiliate Programs 2024

Our review of the best financial affiliate programs will be a great resource for arbitrageurs. We’ve selected elite affiliate programs from banks that offer favorable terms on offerers including microloans, loans, mortgages, and debit cards. Check out our rankings featured on AffTimes to find the most profitable affiliate program for you!

Mechanism of how financial affiliate programs work

The way financial affiliate programs work is simple: your task is to attract potential customers through advertising to a landing page and encourage them to take a targeted action.

Basically, affiliate programs from banks and microfinance institutions (MFIs) reward for quality leads – it can be an approved application for a financial product such as a credit card, mortgage or personal loan. Sometimes compensation is even provided for a correctly completed application, although such leads are valued less.

The peculiarity of working with bank affiliates is the presence of “cookie lifetime” – a time interval during which a potential client, initially attracted by your advertisement, can perform a targeted action, and you will still receive compensation for it. For example, if a user clicked on your link, but postponed filling out the application for later and returned to it in a week, you will still receive your commission if the cookie lifetime is 30 days and the action took place during this period.

Best Financial Affiliates 2024

Sources of traffic under financial affiliate programs

Financial affiliate programs successfully work with a variety of traffic sources, excluding, of course, motivated traffic, as well as, in some cases, branded traffic, such as contextual advertising on the name of the bank. Let’s consider the most effective channels for attracting traffic to the financial niche:

  • Google Ads and Yandex Advertising Network (Yandex Advertising Network (YAN): Banking affiliate programs often provide keyword lists for contextual and search advertising, attracting an audience already interested in financial services.
  • Social networks: Direct promotion of financial offers through targeted advertising is often prohibited, but alternative methods such as cooperation with bloggers or publishing content through personal pages can be used.
  • Mobile apps: Using apps as a channel to drive traffic to financial offers, especially through Facebook and Google UAC, although specialized solutions may need to be found in affiliate programs.
  • Jandex.Zen, YouTube and other blogging platforms: Free sources of traffic that can be effective if you run your own blog or channel.
  • E-mail and messenger newsletters: Providing content and offers through personalized messages can bring high ROI, as some cases show with impressive results.
  • Owned website: Websites offering financial services comparisons or tools such as credit calculators can attract a targeted audience, although an investment of time and resources in SEO promotion will be required.
  • Push Notifications and Teaser Ads: These are affordable traffic sources that require a creative approach to the offer to stand out and grab the attention of potential customers.

Each of these channels has its own characteristics and requires a customized approach to set up an effective advertising campaign within the financial vertical.


What do bank affiliate programs pay an arbitrageur for?

Affiliate programs of banks and financial institutions reward arbitrageurs for attracting qualified customers who take targeted actions. This can be filling out and approving an application for a loan, mortgage, getting a debit or credit card, or registering with financial services. Depending on the terms of the affiliate program, payment can be made per lead (application) or per completed transaction.

What is frod in financial affiliate programs?

Frod (fraud) in the context of financial affiliate programs is the action of misrepresenting real data about customer activity or creating fictitious transactions in order to obtain illegal rewards. This can include using fake data when filling out applications, manipulating cookies, or creating multiple fake accounts.

Which offerers in the finance vertical convert the best?”

Offers related to microloans, quick loans and credit cards often show high conversion rates in the finance vertical. This is due to a low threshold of entry for the customer and a high need for quick access to finance. Mortgage and investment product offers can also convert well, especially if they are well targeted to the right audience.

Which creatives in finance convert best?”

Effective creatives in finance often include clear and specific offers that emphasize the benefits of the product (e.g., low interest rate, fast approval, no fees). It’s also important to leverage brand trust and authority, as well as testimonials and testimonials from satisfied customers.

Is SEO traffic being utilized in the financial vertical?”

Yes, SEO traffic is actively utilized in the financial vertical. It involves optimizing websites for search engines to attract organic traffic from users interested in financial services. SEO can be an effective way to achieve long-term customer engagement and increase conversions, especially for websites offering service comparisons, reviews, and educational content in the financial industry.

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