How to choose a casino partner

How to choose a casino partner

When choosing a partner network, it is important to be selective, as the partner assumes a significant portion of its volume. Reliability and uninterrupted operation are key. There are many affiliate networks specializing in gambling, and new ones are constantly opening.

What is the function of the affiliate network?

An affiliate network is a partner that cooperates with an advertiser, usually under CPA or CPL models and is a set of casino offers (advertising offers) united in a network.

Affiliate networks offer intermediary services and act as traffic selectors, they combine many different programs in one place. With this system, it is easy to choose the offers that suit you best, which frees webmasters from having to manually search for advertisers. It also makes things easier for advertisers who don’t have their affiliate program.

The main factors to consider when choosing an affiliate program

Several important aspects indicate the quality of an affiliate network:


Check out the reviews of the affiliate network on the Internet, visit thematic forums, or ask chat rooms if anyone has worked with your affiliate network. Our affiliate network has a large number of positive reviews, and many top gambling market players have chosen us as their partners.


Make sure that the affiliate network is open, because the more public it is, the more trustworthy it is because it is ready to discuss itself and is open to dialogue with partners. Our affiliate network has a Telegram channel where a lot of useful information is constantly published, as well as a chat room where you can find out any details about your cooperation with us. Of course, sometimes it makes sense to choose a private network, but we will discuss this issue later.


This is also an important point because it is the main criterion for your earnings. Make sure that you are satisfied with the rates on offers or try to negotiate individual conditions if you have a lot of experience behind you. Our affiliate network is always happy to provide such conditions to major players and teams. Bets on CPL offers are up to $30, and CPA reaches up to $320.


Check out what the affiliate network provides for your work and what platform it operates on. This is an equally important point that will simplify your work and help you achieve results faster. We provide our webmasters with access to special services, a convenient bot, and much more.


Quite often, we observe how some partners refuse to work with the affiliate network because of poor performance and long responses from managers because a manager is your guide to profit. Our managers are always ready to help and provide you with the best solution for your tasks. They know a lot about the work because each of them works with gambling traffic.


An important point is the ability to choose an offer to open new horizons in your work. Our network includes more than 600 offers for every taste and geography. Join us!

Private or public?

As we have already mentioned above, the openness of a partnership is a plus for its reputation, but many partners still tend to work with private PEs. Why and what to choose?

Earlier, when the traffic arbitrage and gambling market was less popular, there were very few public affiliate networks, many worked privately, and it was quite difficult to get to someone. Public affiliate networks were a novelty, and therefore, there was practically no such choice before.

Nowadays, times have changed, the number of people wishing to make money from arbitration has increased, the need to operate privately has disappeared and lost its meaning, and as a result, a lot of public networks have appeared. We recommend that you give preference to public networks, as there are fewer risks in this format of work, since in case of any cheating, the partner will suffer a loss of reputation and potential partners.

In addition, it should be noted that many private networks turn out to be banal scams, and this decision makes sense only if you are well acquainted with the person you are going to work with.

Why do you need an affiliate program if you have a direct advertiser?

Many people may wonder why I need an affiliate program if I can advertise directly to the advertiser or their affiliate program. There are several answers to this question.

Reliability and complexity

As in any other business, it is important to have reliable partners. It will be harder for you to build good partnerships with 5 direct advertisers than with 1 affiliate network that will connect you to these five advertisers. You must admit that it is much more convenient to work and keep records in one place than it will be for everyone and gradually.


When working with affiliate networks, you are provided with many more tools for work, and often you can’t expect this when working with direct advertisers.

Impossibilities 🙂

Quite often we see many direct advertisers and 

affiliate programs refuse to work with many partners. Their entry threshold is high, and the conditions are strict. Our affiliate network works on traffic verification and accounting, which is why it is easier to join.


As we mentioned at the beginning, the choice of an affiliate network plays a very important role in your success. Choose it wisely and carefully analyze the quality of work, otherwise you put yourself at risk of losing your finances.

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