OfferGate is a CPA network that offers comprehensive solutions for monetizing your traffic worldwide.
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Bigtraff.partners – Ukrainian gambling and betting CPA-network, created by the team Traffic.one, more than 3 years pouring iGaming-traffic through chatbots.
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Vortex is one of the best partners in the data and gambling verticals that guarantees quality, stability, and positive ROI.
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GameHub is a Ukrainian CPA network that provides access to more than 250 offers in the iGaming and Dating verticals.
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DS Partners is a CPA network with more than 300 gambling and betting offers worldwide and an in-house product for Brazil - DavBet.
DS Partners
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CPA.Rocks is a unique association of professionals from various industries who have deep knowledge of affiliate marketing and online advertising.
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iGamingCombo is a unique affiliate program that combines the knowledge and experience of AdCombo. Your key to success in the iGaming industry with proven strategies.
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Richy.Partners are your key to success in iGaming: exclusive promos, strong support, flexible conditions for affiliates, global reach, and crypto payouts.
Richy Partners
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CPACrew" partners is an iGaming affiliate program
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Top Best IGaming Affiliate Programs

To choose the right IGaming affiliate program, it is recommended to consider the following factors:

  • Products and services: The affiliate program should offer games and gambling entertainment that are relevant to your audience.
  • Affiliate Terms: Pay attention to the rates and commissions offered by the program, as well as payment terms and minimum withdrawal amounts.
  • Technology and resources: Evaluate what tools and resources the affiliate program provides to analyze and monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns.
  • Reputation and reliability: It is important to choose programs with a good reputation and good feedback from affiliates.

Top Best IGaming Affiliates

Criteria for selecting the top IGaming affiliates

The following criteria were taken into account when ranking the Top IGaming affiliates:

  • Reputation: The affiliate program must be well-known and well-rated in the industry.
  • Terms: Pay attention to rates, rewards and payment terms. The best programs offer fair and competitive terms.
  • Technology and Tools: The program should provide tools and resources to optimize campaigns and monitor performance.
  • Collaboration with big brands: Some programs collaborate with big brands and offer exclusive offers.


What are IGaming affiliates?

IGaming affiliates are specialized affiliate programs that allow you to earn from promoting games and gambling entertainment. Affiliates can earn commissions for each player they refer to a casino or poker site.

Which IGaming affiliate program is the best?

The best IGaming affiliate is chosen based on various factors including reputation, terms of cooperation, technology and tools, and cooperation with big brands.

How to maximize profits from IGaming affiliate programs?

To increase profits from IGaming affiliate program, it is recommended to focus on audience, test and optimize campaigns, provide quality content and use a variety of traffic sources.

How much can I earn from IGaming affiliate programs?

Potential profits from IGaming affiliates depend on many factors, including bids, traffic quality, effectiveness of campaigns and professionalism of the affiliate. Some affiliates can earn a few hundred dollars per month, while others can earn thousands.

Where to get traffic for IGaming affiliates?

Traffic for IGaming affiliates can be taken from a variety of sources, including social media, contextual advertising, targeted advertising, and more. The source you choose depends on your audience and strategy.

How to pour IGaming on the bourge?

For successful IGaming arbitrage in Western markets, it is important to understand the cultural and linguistic characteristics of the audience, as well as the use of quality promotional materials and lendings. It is also necessary to keep an eye on advertising regulations and choose your traffic sources accordingly.

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