EssayPro.Money is a Ukrainian affiliate program in the Essay niche, allowing affiliates to earn money from English-speaking students.
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EDU-PROFIT is an affiliate program that has been helping partners earn money on essay offers in the USA, CA, UK, SA, CN since 2010.
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Convert student traffic in the CIS with RevShare. High rates up to 40%, lifetime rebates up to 25%, LTV 3-5 years. Guest bonus of $57 for new webmasters.
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Trafflab: Your key to success in gambling, betting, and edtech offers.
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Rating ed-tech affiliate programs

Monetization of educational content through affiliate programs

Affiliate programs in the educational field offer unique opportunities to monetize traffic related to learning and self-development. Here are the main categories of educational offers:

  • Essays and academic papers: Platforms like Author24, Studybay provide students with services for writing term papers, tests and other academic materials.
  • Language learning: Collaboration with language schools, online language learning platforms and language coaches like SkyEng.
  • Infobusiness: Attracting audiences to personal growth trainings, business seminars, coaching and specialized courses from experts in various professions.

Sources of educational traffic

The choice of the traffic source depends on the specifics of the offerer. For offers related to essay writing, the main audience is students, so effective channels will be sites with a high concentration of students and organic search on relevant queries. You can learn more about strategies for working in the educational niche in the materials from the Edugram affiliate network.

Ranking ed-tech affiliate programs

Payment models in educational affiliate programs

Usually, educational CPA programs offer work on RevShare terms, although there are also hybrid models, as well as pure CPA schemes. In the segment of academic jobs, the RevShare model is most often used, which implies earning in the long term, while the sale of infocourses may include payment for a specific action.

Selecting an educational affiliate: recommendations

There are many big players on the market with attractive conditions and exclusive offers. The choice should be based on your preferences and specialization. Unlike commodity and gambling affiliates, in the educational sphere, the working conditions are more transparent. You can read the full list of recommended affiliate programs in our rating, where reviews of such platforms as Edugram, EduMoney, EduCash are also available. Your personal experience of cooperation and reviews will be a valuable contribution for other members of the affiliate community.

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