What is a Media Buyer?

What is a Media Buyer?

A media buyer or traffic manager is a specialist in launching advertising campaigns, managing campaigns, and attracting traffic from various sources. This profession is very important and popular – today almost every digital agency needs its own media buyer.

So, the main responsibilities of a media buyer usually include:

  • Making deals with the best prices for advertising and concluding contracts.
  • Purchase traffic from various sources such as contextual advertising, mobile apps, social networks, etc.
  • Specialization in a particular social network (for example, Facebook).
  • Analysis of many advertising platforms.

To fulfill all these responsibilities, a media buyer must have several skills – the ability to work with popular traffic sources and evaluate the effectiveness of purchased traffic, understand the metrics and software of most modern advertising tools.

In short, this profession crosses several Internet specialties. It is not taught anywhere – before becoming a media buyer, a person must master marketing in practice. A university degree in advertising or sociology increases the chances of finding a job.

Media buyer services

Media Buyer Services

A modern media buyer performs various tasks in his position, first of all, it depends on the scale of the company’s activities, the composition of the client portfolio, niche, and other factors. Below are the main services provided by this specialist, depending on the specific advertising agency.

In a small agency, a media buyer is usually entrusted with almost all responsibilities for running advertising campaigns. He becomes a direct participant in the entire process of working with clients – data collection, planning, negotiations.

The scheme of interaction in a network agency is somewhat different. The media planner or designer draws up a plan and passes it on to the traffic manager, who has to negotiate with third-party platforms on the terms. In other words, they just negotiate.

A larger agency has a staff of several media buyers. One collects data from the market, another takes care of the best conditions, and the third monitors costs. The reports are submitted to the team leader, who checks them and approves them.

The Difference Between a Media Buyer and an Arbitrageur

Unlike arbitrageurs, media buyers are often hired and paid to join their teams. They optimize existing advertising campaigns, run them, and scale them.

An arbitrageur, on the other hand, is a “free artist” and often works for himself. If he is part of a team, he develops his own advertising strategies, studies spy services, researches competitors, and conducts analysis.

In a team of arbitrageurs, the joint work of these two specialists can be represented as follows:

The arbitrager tests advertising strategies, and if they are profitable, he passes them on to the media buyer;

The media buyer continues the process by bypassing blocking, restarting accounts and ad campaigns, optimizing the pixel, and, if necessary, starting all over again.

In general, arbitrage media buying is specific and in some cases different from other aspects of digital marketing. Here, the line between an arbitrageur and a media buyer is often blurred – both specialists can do the same thing.

The difference between a media buyer and an arbitrageur

Requirements for a Media Buyer

The main competencies that are considered important for a media buyer according to expert opinion include:

  • Well-developed analytical skills.
  • Creativity.
  • Openness and sociability.
  • Knowledge of English to track marketing trends.
  • Systematic approach.
  • Stress resistance.
  • Desire for continuous learning, otherwise it will be difficult to remain competitive in this profession.

Media Buyers must have in-depth knowledge of the platform they work on (e.g. Google, Facebook, etc.). He must know its rules, terms of cooperation, strengths and weaknesses. It is also important to be able to set up a tracker and use other tools that accompany traffic.

In addition, he should be able to analyze the client’s target audience, understand where to look for it, how to interact with it and find a common language, as well as understand what exactly it likes.

How to Find Media Buyer Jobs in Ukraine?

In Ukraine, to find a job as a media buyer, you can use the following job sites: Work.ua, Rabota.ua, GRC.ua and Jobs.ua. As of February-March 2023, the number of vacancies varies:

  • Work.ua showed 25 vacancies for media buyers of different levels and 150 for the query “Media Buyer”.
  • Rabota.ua showed 123 vacancies for media buyers, including 9 for beginners, 96 for mid-level professionals and 18 for seniors.
  • On GRC.ua, the number of media buyer vacancies was insignificant – only 2 for mid-level, which may be due to the origin of the platform.
  • Jobs.ua did not offer specific positions for Junior, Middle, Senior Media Buyer, but 11 vacancies were found by request.

Also worth mentioning is jobs.dou.ua, which, although focused on developers, offered 23 positions for Media Buyers.

Our agency Lead Panda has a vacancy for a media buyer who will work with advertising campaigns in Facebook, Google, as well as in gambling. We are looking for a specialist who is ready to join our team of professionals and contribute to the development of our projects. For more information about the vacancy and requirements for candidates, please visit our website at the link: Media Buyer vacancy at Lead Panda. Join us and start your journey to success in digital marketing with Lead Panda!

What is the income of a media buyer in Ukraine?

The salary of a media buyer in Ukraine in 2023 is as follows:

  • On Work.ua the average income on vacancies at the end of February – beginning of March was 55000 UAH (approximately $1500), while the average salary on resumes was 24000 UAH ($652). According to the levels of specialization salaries vary: beginners earn from 18000 to 48000 UAH ($490-$1300), mid-level specialists – from 19000 to 80000 UAH ($515-$2175), and experienced professionals – from 40000 to 120000 UAH ($1100-$3275).
  • Rabota.ua indicates an average salary of 37000 UAH, and according to CV data – 20000 UAH, taking into account additional bonuses and benefits offered by employers.
  • On Jobs.ua specific figures are not available, but a review of vacancies shows that offers range from 25 to 75 thousand UAH.

For freelancers, payment is usually hourly, and on the Upwork platform rates vary from $5 to $97 per hour, where many media buyers set the rate around $25-$30 per hour of work.


The role of a media buyer in the modern marketing world is extremely important and in demand. This specialist is responsible for launching advertising campaigns, maintaining advertising relationships, and efficiently draining traffic from various sources. The requirements for a media buyer include analytical skills, creativity, communication skills, knowledge of English to follow trends, systematic approach, stress resistance, and a desire to learn.

A media buyer should have a deep understanding of the platform they work on and knowledge of their client’s target audience. He is responsible for choosing the best advertising channels, setting up trackers and other tools to maximize the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

In the world of marketing, it is hard to overestimate the importance of a media buyer, who is a key link in building successful advertising strategies and achieving the desired results. Excellent skills, market knowledge and technical competence make this profession extremely valuable in the marketing and advertising industry.


What does Media Buyer do?
A media buyer buys advertising space and time for advertising in various media. They analyze the target audience, select the most appropriate channels for advertising, negotiate prices, and track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Who is a media buyer in Ukraine?
In Ukraine, a media buyer is a specialist who works in the field of digital marketing or advertising and is responsible for buying and optimizing advertising space to achieve the company’s marketing and advertising goals.

How much does a media buyer earn in Ukraine?
Media buyer salaries in Ukraine can vary depending on experience, skills, and company. According to the data of 2023, the average income of a media buyer on Work.ua is about 55,000 UAH ($1500) per month, but the figures can vary significantly depending on the region and the specifics of the job.

How much does a Junior Media Buyer earn?
Junior Media Buyer earnings in Ukraine can start from 18000 UAH ($490) and reach up to 48000 UAH ($1300), depending on the company and the amount of responsibility. This is the entry level in the media buying profession, where employees learn and gain experience for further professional growth.

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