PIN-UP Partners is a leading participant in the iGaming market with a wide range of GEOs, adapted payment systems, and licensed products.
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5.0 (1)
iGame Panda – international affiliate program for gambling and betting
iGame Panda
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4.9 (3)
TRAFFI CAKE casino ta betting-oferi
Traffic cake
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Effective 1win Partners affiliate program for traffic monetization in iGaming. Attract and earn with an audience of over 30 million players.
1win Partners
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Click2Dep is a gambling CPA network with more than 300 offers from well-known brands around the world
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0.0 (0) – Ukrainian gambling and betting CPA-network, created by the team, more than 3 years pouring iGaming-traffic through chatbots.
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Gambeat is a CPA network with more than 200 iGaming offers from leading brands.
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MB Partners accepts traffic to tier-1 and tier-2 GEOs. Crown GEOs: Canada, Poland, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Norway, Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary.
MB Partners
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Sbetpartners affiliate program: anonymous sports betting and casino games with fast payouts. Join for the best experience.
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Join the V.Partners program - the key advertiser of Vulkan Vegas in the online casino world, successfully working for over 5 years, covering all GEOs.
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DS Partners is a CPA network with more than 300 gambling and betting offers worldwide and an in-house product for Brazil - DavBet.
DS Partners
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Convert your traffic with Empire Partners. Betting and gambling offers, direct advertiser, custom offers.
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Rating the best Betting affiliates

Betting is becoming an increasingly popular way of monetization in the world of traffic arbitrage today. The established market offers numerous opportunities for arbitrageurs, allowing them to make money from betting in a variety of areas including sports, finance and even electronic entertainment.

How to choose an affiliate program for betting?

Choosing an affiliate program for betting can be a daunting task as the market is saturated with different offers. It is important to consider a few key criteria when choosing a program:

  1. Products: The bets and services offered must be in demand by your audience.
  2. Conditions: Choose programs with high rates and convenient payouts.
  3. Support: Having good customer support is important for success.
  4. Reputation: Check the rating and reviews of the program to make sure it is reliable and of good quality.

Ranking of the best Betting affiliates

Criteria for selecting the top Betting affiliates

The following criteria were taken into account when compiling the ranking of the best betting affiliates:

  1. Reputation and trust: The reputation and trust of affiliate programs in the market was evaluated.
  2. Work conditions: Rates, payouts and terms of cooperation were analyzed.
  3. Technologies and tools: The availability and quality of provided technologies and tools for arbitrageurs were taken into account.
  4. Partner Support: The quality and timeliness of support for arbitrageurs was evaluated.
  5. Diversity of Offers: Programs with a wide range of rates and opportunities are preferred by affiliates.


What are betting affiliates?

Betting affiliates are specialized affiliate programs that offer the opportunity to make money from betting in various fields including sports, finance and electronic entertainment. Arbitrageurs are provided with unique offers that they can promote to their audience and receive a commission for doing so.

Which Betting affiliate is the best?

The best betting affiliate for each arbitrageur can be different, depending on their audience, niche and preferences. However, when choosing an affiliate you should pay attention to reputation, terms of cooperation, technology and tools, as well as partner support.

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