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PIN-UP Partners is a leading participant in the iGaming market with a wide range of GEOs, adapted payment systems, and licensed products.
Gambling +2
5.0 (1)
LEAD PANDA CPA network in the financial vertical
Lead Panda
Crypto +2
5.0 (2)
OfferGate is a CPA network that offers comprehensive solutions for monetizing your traffic worldwide.
iGaming +1
0.0 (0)
iGame Panda – international affiliate program for gambling and betting
iGame Panda
Gambling +2
4.9 (3)
TRAFFI CAKE casino ta betting-oferi
Traffic cake
Gambling +1
0.0 (0)
Welcome to our global winning affiliate program. STATTA is finally going public with highly convertible gambling offers.
0.0 (0)
Effective 1win Partners affiliate program for traffic monetization in iGaming. Attract and earn with an audience of over 30 million players.
1win Partners
Gambling +1
0.0 (0)
Click2Dep is a gambling CPA network with more than 300 offers from well-known brands around the world
Gambling +1
0.0 (0)
Adepti Ads is a CPA network that provides access to 600+ offers in the directing vertical with worldwide coverage.
Adepti Ads
0.0 (0)
7BitPartners is a gambling affiliate program with three licensed in-house offsers and worldwide coverage.
0.0 (0)
Affstellar is a CPA network in the iGaming vertical that provides access to more than 600 offers in 50+ GEOs
0.0 (0)
EssayPro.Money is a Ukrainian affiliate program in the Essay niche, allowing affiliates to earn money from English-speaking students.
0.0 (0)
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Top Affiliate Programs 2024

Before you start testing an affiliate program, it is recommended to do some preliminary research. Searching for reviews on specialized forums and in arbitrage chats will help to get a better idea of the CPA-network and its reputation. After collecting information, you can move on to practical testing of offers.

In the process of choosing an affiliate program, pay attention to several critical aspects:

  • Ease of working with the platform: evaluate the availability of convenient tools for selecting advertising materials, monitoring statistics and support from the service. Features such as postback customization and API access are important.
  • Payout conditions: check how the process of screening leads and how transparent is the shaving. A wide choice of payment systems for withdrawal is also important.
  • Offer relevance: pay special attention to the freshness and relevance of offers for target geographies. For example, products based on goji berries for the CIS in 2022 may not be as relevant, unlike the keto diet, which is one of the in-demand areas.

A careful approach to the choice of an affiliate program will avoid many problems in the future and increase the chances of successful cooperation.

Top Affiliate Programs 2024

How we formed the ranking of the best affiliate programs

To make your choice easier, we have prepared a rating of the top affiliate programs, covering both large CPA networks with a wide range of directions, and more specialized platforms focusing on deiting, nutricieutics, gambling, sports betting and others. Here are the principles by which we compiled our rating:

  • Actuality of programs: We have weeded out outdated and inactive affiliate programs, including in the rating only those that are relevant at the moment.
  • Analysis of offers: We carefully studied the range of offers in each affiliate program, paying attention to their relevance, conditions on GEO, payments and acceptable sources of traffic.
  • Personal testing experience: Our team has personally tested the top offers presented in the affiliate programs to make sure of their quality and effectiveness.
  • Feedback from arbitrageurs: We have collected feedback and opinions from arbitrageurs through forums and chat rooms to get the most objective picture of each program.
  • Communication with affiliate managers: Conversations with managers gave us information about the latest and exclusive offers, as well as the peculiarities of working with their platforms.

Our rating was created not for advertising purposes, but to provide valuable information to both beginners and experienced users of affiliate marketing. We have strived to be as objective as possible, considering all the advantages and disadvantages of affiliate networks so that you can make an informed choice.


How to choose an affiliate program for traffic arbitrage?”

Choosing an affiliate program for traffic arbitrage depends on several key factors: the terms and conditions offered, the range of available offers, the support and usability of the interface, as well as feedback from other arbitrageurs. It is also important to consider the specialization of the affiliate (for example, gambling, deiting, electronics) and its reputation in the market.

Which affiliate programs are considered the best?

The best affiliate programs are usually characterized by high payout rates, a wide range of relevant offers, transparent terms of cooperation, high-quality support for partners and positive feedback in the community of arbitrageurs.

What to do if an affiliate program doesn’t pay out?

If an affiliate program delays or does not pay out the earned funds, it is recommended to first contact the support team to clarify the reasons for the delay. If this does not lead to a solution, you can try to seek help from the arbitrage community or even consider legal action if the amount owed is significant.

How to pour traffic to affiliates without a budget?

To arbitrage traffic without an initial budget you can use free methods of traffic generation, such as SEO-optimization of your own sites or blogs, activity in social networks, participation in forums and communities of interest, creation and distribution of useful content that will naturally attract the target audience.

Is it possible to make quick money on affiliate programs?

Fast earnings on affiliate programs are possible, but it requires in-depth knowledge of the market, the ability to analyze and select high-conversion offers, as well as effectively manage advertising campaigns. It is important to remember that in traffic arbitrage there is also a risk of loss, so you should start with careful planning and small test runs.

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