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Rating of top affiliate marketers 2024

Affiliate marketing is a profitable model of interaction between sellers of goods and services and specialists in attracting traffic. In this partnership, each party achieves its goals: advertisers find new customers, and webmasters or arbitrageurs can earn from $1,427 per month to $9,173 in 10 days. These amounts are confirmed by real cases presented on our website.

The evaluation of affiliate programs in our rating is based on the reviews of arbitrageurs and webmasters who have experience working with certain companies. An important source of information is also the feedback from colleagues who have already experienced working with this or that affiliate program, providing valuable first-hand experience.

Affiliate program is a form of interaction between an advertiser (seller of goods or providing services) and an affiliate (webmaster, arbitrageur, SMM-specialist), which works according to the following principle:

  • The advertiser places an offer in which he promises a reward for attracting new customers. The offerer specifies the criteria of the target audience, acceptable traffic sources, the amount of commission for the affiliate and the specific user action required to receive the reward.
  • Affiliate uses various internet channels to advertise the advertiser’s product or service, redirecting potential customers to the advertiser’s website through a unique affiliate link.
  • When the referred user makes a purchase or performs another targeted action, the advertiser pays the affiliate a predetermined fee.

Top Affiliate Rankings 2024

Sources of traffic to make money from affiliates

To successfully make money from affiliate programs, you need to focus on three main aspects:

  • Selecting an affiliate program;
  • Determining the right offer;
  • Finding an effective source of targeted traffic

While each of these elements matter, the key factor is traffic. Being able to attract a large number of interested users at an optimal cost is at the top of the list for a webmaster or arbitrageur. Without quality traffic, even the most attractive offers will not be able to generate profits.

How much you can earn on affiliates

It is impossible to name the exact amount of earnings from affiliate programs. Income from affiliate programs depends on many factors:

  • publicity of the affiliate program;
  • conditions offered by a particular affiliate program;
  • the way of attracting potential customers, which you will use;
  • relevance and relevance of the product or service you are advertising and promoting.

One thing is certain: the more customers you attract, the higher your earnings will be.


What are affiliate programs for making money online?

Affiliate programs are agreements between advertisers (sellers of goods or services) and partners (webmasters, bloggers, arbitrageurs), according to which partners promote products or services of advertisers with the help of unique referral links and receive a commission for each attracted action (purchase, registration, subscription).

What is earnings on affiliate programs?

Earnings from affiliate programs is to receive commissions from advertisers for the successful completion of targeted actions by visitors attracted through unique referral links. These actions may include buying goods, registering on sites, subscribing and other activities of interest to the advertiser.

Where to get referral links?

Referral links are provided within the affiliate platform after registration in the affiliate program. They are usually available in the user’s personal cabinet, where affiliates can select the desired offer and get a unique link for promotion.

How much can I earn from affiliate programs?

Income from working with affiliate programs varies and depends on many factors, including the choice of niche, the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, the volume and quality of attracted traffic. Some affiliates earn a few hundred dollars a month, while others can earn thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

What is affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing?

Affiliate (affiliate) marketing is a type of Internet marketing in which partners (affiliates) promote advertisers’ products or services and receive a commission for each attracted target action made thanks to their efforts. This is a mutually beneficial model of cooperation that allows advertisers to increase sales and expand their customer base, and affiliates to earn money by advertising products and services.

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