The management of ad account on Facebook

The management of ad account on Facebook

Managing a Facebook ad profile seems confusing for beginners. However, the process can be simplified thanks to certain techniques that reduce the complexity of the work.

In this article, we present several tips that marketing professionals regularly use.

The strategy of planning campaigns for specific goals, rather than choosing a target audience.

The importance of the correct structure of a Facebook ad account for effective long-term work, reporting, and further optimization is undeniable. An optimal plan includes the development of three elements:

  • Campaigns;
  • Ad Sets;
  • The ads themselves.

Good design of your advertising campaign will ensure logic and order in actions. A common mistake is confusion in defining the goal at the campaign and ad set levels. Campaigns should be focused on the main goal, whether it is getting specific conversions, increasing traffic to the website, or the number of video views, etc.

The management of ad account on Facebook

Audience segmentation

In many cases, advertisers tend to combine different groups of users in one advertising campaign. Facebook supports this approach as it helps to build a large audience and speeds up the learning process. However, with more detailed segmentation, especially with limited budgets, you can achieve more effective campaign optimization.

Integration of conversion goals

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t run split tests. Rather, it’s important to ensure that each ad campaign is focused on achieving a common conversion goal, such as using a conversion option on the URL of a testimonial page.

Analytics and Reporting

Creating a connection between an advertising campaign and its goal is critical. If the main goal is to drive traffic to the site, then ads can lead to any page. However, when the goal is to generate leads or perform specific actions, the task becomes more complicated. This emphasizes the need to structure accounts, as discussed earlier. A clear connection between the campaign and the conversion goal makes it easier to track results and display them in reports.

The management of ad account on Facebook

The latest iOS 14 update has set a limit of eight conversion promotions for use in advertising campaigns, which emphasizes the need for effective and simplified control over conversions.

Let’s consider the situation with two ebooks that have unique landing pages. To trigger separate ads for each of them, you need to create two individual customizable conversions.

The management of ad account on Facebook

At first glance, this may seem like a small thing, but the ability to monitor the total number of conversions at the campaign level can significantly reduce the time spent searching for data for each group and each ad. Effective planning and structuring of processes make it possible to make informed decisions faster.

Daily planning at the campaign group level

Budget allocation for social media advertising campaigns involves several methods:

  • Spending at the level of individual ad groups within a day. This makes it possible to accurately adjust daily costs for each specific audience or ad group.
  • The total daily spending limit for all campaigns. This approach allows you to set the total amount of daily costs distributed by the social network algorithm among all ad groups based on their estimated effectiveness and cost per impression.
  • A budget for a certain period or a recurring budget intended for long-term campaigns, which ensures the fulfillment of the planned financial framework.

The management of ad account on Facebook

Often, the choice falls on the method of setting a daily spending limit at the level of ad groups, as it allows you to more closely monitor and analyze the quality of potential customers at later stages. The effectiveness of the engaged audience does not always correlate with the volume of leads received, as not all leads are of high quality. Therefore, budget management at the level of individual ad groups provides more flexible opportunities for testing different audiences and optimizing costs.

Avoiding unnecessary control

The frequency of checks on advertising initiatives is a concern for many specialists. There is an opinion that you should not interfere with successfully functioning processes.

If you see progress in the effectiveness of campaigns, it is recommended to keep the set parameters without making changes.

Particular attention is paid to the structure of advertising management. A clear and organized system ensures simplified work for a long period, providing an opportunity to quickly adapt the necessary modifications.

There is an opinion that advertising with a certain frequency X should be stopped when reaching level Y. However, this approach does not always reflect reality: sometimes advertising with high frequency shows impressive results at a favorable cost.

The management of ad account on Facebook


Facebook can seem confusing and overwhelming. However, once you understand it, you will see that using the platform is much easier than expected, you just need to find the right approach.

Once you have clear goals and a strategy, you will see how things start to come together. The main difficulty for most is the inability to master the basics before the competition begins.

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