OnlyFans vs. Dating

OnlyFans vs. Dating

Lately, more and more articles about OnlyFans have been published in the arbitrage media. However, these materials do not always make it clear how an arbitrager can make a profit in the adult sphere, and some of them even confuse OnlyFans with debit cards.

OnlyFans vs. Dating

However, the commonality between these two verticals is minimal. In this article, we decided to analyze how OnlyFans differs from the dating industry in terms of workflows, approaches, creatives, and, most importantly, earning potential.

OnlyFans and dating: the main differences

Among the many differences between these two verticals, the ease of working with OnlyFans, the earning potential, and the lack of need for cheating or tricks are particularly noteworthy. Let’s take a closer look at both platforms.

Why does every arbitrager dream of working with the OnlyFans model?

Working with OnlyFans is aimed at models that sell their content on the platform. The main difficulty for OnlyFans models is the lack of traffic. The content sold by models can be exclusive to certain fans. Customers vary: some buy several videos a year, while others contact the model daily for communication. Such regular customers often leave significant amounts of money.

OnlyFans vs. Dating

Interaction with subscribers is carried out with the help of sexters – skilled chat operators who know how to sell content, and attract and keep the attention of customers.

OnlyFans does not have an internal recommendation system, so models need to have a steady flow of new high-quality traffic. They are ready to invest heavily in attracting such traffic.

OnlyFans vs. Dating

The main criterion is the solvency of the audience. Traffic from Tier-3 countries is not valued, and their users are often blocked. The target audience consists of Tier-1 countries where it is already customary to pay for adult content.

Traffic most often comes from Reddit, Instagram, X, and TikTok, as well as through advertising networks. The most interesting thing is that arbitrageurs have access to tons of exclusive content. With it, he can experiment, test new connections, or even ask a model to make a creative, especially for you.

Why is de-skilling losing its relevance in 2024?

Arbitration media articles about cases with large numbers are no longer able to convince that debit carding remains consistently profitable. Earlier, about ten years ago, this area had great potential. Tinder and Badoo were just starting, attracting an audience, while other dating platforms could still claim a significant market share. Earnings from registrations from Tier-1 countries ranged from $1.5 to $20 per lead, and creatives were doing a great job.

However, over time, the popularity of large data apps grew to the point where they monopolized the segment, leaving others with only unattractive offers of low quality. The growth of information literacy in the population has also led to a decrease in the effectiveness of advertising campaigns: people are less inclined to register just because of a photo of an attractive person.

In 2024, it became difficult to reach $100 per day in revenue from daytime, and although this figure may seem small, it is still important. TikTok, as the main source of traffic for daily deals, continues to introduce updates that make life difficult for webmasters by sending out bans.

To summarize, it has become more difficult, less profitable, and uninteresting to drive traffic to the site. The next question is: what are the prospects of earning money on traffic for OnlyFans and how can you start doing it today?

When it comes to the earning potential of OnlyFans, the revenues of one model vary from $10,000 to $200,000 per month. By attracting visitors to models’ pages, you can significantly increase their income. However, it is worth noting that the success of such cooperation depends on your reputation in the adult community. Earnings through RevShare, which fluctuate between 20% and 35%, may seem tempting, but there is no guarantee that the model will pay you a percentage of the income.

Working with OnlyFans is similar to gambling, because here, too, fans often need time to get excited and start spending. The real results of the campaign can be seen within two weeks to a month when most of the fans start actively spending money.


In this article, we compared the Dealing Vertical and OnlyFans and helped you understand their differences. Pouring traffic to the model frees you from the need to deceive someone, spend efforts on creating creatives, or look for connections, as it happens in the case of direct marketing. OnlyFans offers new opportunities for arbitrageurs and has a great future.

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