How to launch PPC not with all the money in the world

How to launch PPC not with all the money in the world

“What is the cost of contextual advertising?” is a frequent query from those who want to attract an audience to their website using this method. The answer from PPC specialists is often vague: “It’s hard to say right away.” The exact amount of advertising costs is not immediately known, as it varies and depends on various inputs.

How to launch PPC not with all the money in the world

Let’s take a closer look at how contextual advertising prices are formed so that you can get a general idea of the possible costs of your advertising strategy.

What affects the cost of contextual advertising

Google Ads is designed in such a way that advertisers determine the cost of a click themselves, competing for attractive positions in ad units or for the amount of traffic. The higher the willingness of a competitor to pay, the more you will have to pay per click. It so happens that there is a critical shortage of advertising space for all advertisers. Especially if the competition in a niche is high, the cost per click can be thousands of hryvnias.

The impact on the cost can be divided into categories:

  • Subject matter. The influence of the topic is not direct – the system does not care whether you sell accessories at low prices or real estate for millions. What matters is the supply and demand in each topic, which determines the level of competition. Products with a high average check in the wholesale trade will be more profitable for promotion.
  • Geo-targeting. The competition is highest in big cities. In small cities, advertising will be cheaper, although it will attract less traffic. The division of advertising by region helps to reduce costs.
  • Keywords. These phrases are used to target relevant queries. The highest rates are observed for commercial queries containing words such as “buy” and “order”. There is less competition for queries related to problem-solving, such as “how to choose a phone” or “how to clean a car interior”. Informational queries attract a less interested audience, which affects the low cost per click and conversion.
  • Display time. The cost per click decreases at night when the activity of competitors decreases.
  • Click-through rate. This is the ratio of clicks to impressions. A high click-through rate reduces the cost per click because ad platforms encourage engaging and effective campaigns.

These categories together form the cost of contextual advertising, providing a wide range of strategies for optimizing costs.

Why is it important to plan a budget for contextual advertising?

The main task of budgeting for advertising campaigns is to stay within the established financial framework and avoid unnecessary expenses. This makes it possible to accurately regulate costs, which prevents losses and ensures financial stability.

How to launch PPC not with all the money in the world

Spend planning allows you to:

  • Determine the optimal amount of investment to generate the expected revenue from an advertising campaign.
  • Prevent budget surpluses and deficits that can lead to a loss of customer base or loss of positions to competitors.
  • Effective selection of advertising platforms and strategies to achieve strategic goals.
  • The ability to monitor and adapt advertising effectiveness by the data obtained.

How to launch PPC not with all the money in the world

Strategic budgeting allows you to more accurately manage your advertising budget, improve results, and provide flexibility in managing campaigns, thereby ensuring a deeper understanding of costs and results.


We conclude that budget planning for contextual advertising is essential. We have shared methods for more accurate and efficient determination of the financial framework. By applying the suggested strategies, you will catch two birds with one stone – increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns and reduce costs.

Yana Kutsa

She worked as a targetologist and marketer at a real estate agency, but during the war the agency closed and Yana decided to take a course in traffic arbitrage. She worked remotely for two years. She was running a gambling game on Facebook and taking on other projects at the same time. Over time, Yana got tired of working remotely, wanted to join the offline team, and thus ended up at Lead Panda, where she has been working with Google for a year. She knows all the ins and outs of ban circumvention and effective creatives.
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