TOP neural networks for traffic arbitrage

TOP neural networks for traffic arbitrage

Why do you need neural networks in traffic arbitrage? Every year there are more and more programs based on artificial intelligence, which greatly simplify the work of arbitrageurs in various spheres. Neural networks can create texts, generate images for creatives, transcribe audio and video, and much more. They are a collection of smart algorithms specifically designed to solve specific tasks and can function autonomously. These innovative technologies have already found applications in medicine, marketing, and the defense industry. Neural networks are constantly improving, becoming more and more efficient in accomplishing their tasks. But what exactly makes artificial intelligence so attractive for arbitrageurs, and what functions should it perform?

In this article, the FlexCard virtual card service team will describe in detail what neural networks are popular in 2024 and for what purposes they are needed. Here we go 🚀

Text-to-speech neural networks


DupDub is a service through which you can convert text into speech. Offers over 300 voices to choose from and support for over 30 languages with a variety of accents. The voice sets are divided into different categories including marketing, advertising, content for YouTube and TikTok, helpdesk, and entertainment.

The finished voice can be exported in various formats such as MP3, WAV, MP4, and SRT in excellent quality. However, a paid subscription is required to access the download feature.

The free version of the service has its limitations: the text for voiceover should not exceed 5000 characters. The professional tariff of $19 removes all restrictions.

TOP neural networks for traffic arbitrage


PlayHT — a neural network that voices text in different styles and several languages. The service also allows you to clone your voice – to do this, you need to record your voice, upload it to the service, and the neural network will use it to voice any text. The speech sounds emotional and expressive, accurately conveying the tone of voice, as if it were a real person.

This service will be useful for game developers, creators of videos, animations, and movies, and in all areas where the role of voice is important. Using AI for voiceover will help save money on audio recording and reduce time.

Rate options:

  • Creator. Paying $31.2 per month gives you access to the API, allows you to convert up to 600,000 words per year, and creates 15 voice clones.
  • Pro. For $99 per month, users can voice 4 times as many words as with the previous plan. In addition, 50 voice clones can be created.

The service offers a free trial with which up to 2,500 words can be converted as long as they are used non-commercially and linked to PlayHT.

TOP neural networks for traffic arbitrage

Tools for creating advertising ideas

Daydrm.aiis not just another neural network, but a tool that comes up with the plot of a YouTube video creates a custom Instagram campaign and writes headlines for social media, ads, and websites

How it works. Just give a brief description of your idea and write a job brief. will take care of the rest! offers two paid rates as well as free trial periods:

  • Daydrm Rate: The first 24 hours are free! After that, it’s only $5 per day
  • Monthly Rate: New customers can use the service for free for 10 days! After the trial period, it’s only $19 per month.

TOP neural networks for traffic arbitrage

Analytics Services


CLEVR AIis a free-to-access neural network for managing online advertising campaigns, monitoring and tracking your brand statistics


  1. Analyze the affiliate networks that will attract the most traffic to your product. Analyzing the target audience for your product
  2. Searching for current trends for product development
  3. Assistance in optimization, increasing traffic and sales
  4. Creation of SEO-optimized texts, and blog articles.
  5. The program sends a report on each task

TOP neural networks for traffic arbitrage

Neural networks for photo/video editing


DeWatermark is a neural network thanks to which you can remove watermarks for free.

  • Remove even the most complex watermarks
  • Recognize watermarks with artificial intelligence
  • Preserves image quality
  • Easy editing with brush

TOP neural networks for traffic arbitrage

Unscreenis a service that helps you cut out backgrounds from videos or gifs automatically. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze videos and identify even the smallest details so that the results are as accurate as possible.

The service is free to use with some limitations, such as limiting exports to GIF format only and a maximum video length of up to 5 seconds. If you want the best quality results without a watermark, prices start at $4.99 US per video.

TOP neural networks for traffic arbitrage

Probably the most convenient service for editing images. is based on neurotics. Just select objects with the mouse, and the artificial intelligence will automatically perform all the necessary actions. This can be either retouching to create perfect skin or complete removal of objects from the photo.

TOP neural networks for traffic arbitrage


A neural network that changes the lighting and background in a photo

BeebleA neural network that changes the lighting and background of a photo. A service that provides light correction and realistic lighting.

It is capable of generating shadows, and highlights and changing the angle of light. The service has hundreds of ready-made presets for different scenarios such as sunny weather, studio lighting, cyberpunk, or space atmosphere.

TOP neural networks for traffic arbitrage
Neural networks for creative creation


ADCREATIVEis a multifunctional neural network for generating advertising creatives in various formats (text, images, video).

This service is the leading solution in the field of generating advertising creatives, whose demand and popularity are constantly increasing. Using AI, you get the opportunity to multiply the effectiveness of advertising, significantly reducing time and financial costs.

The service is ideal for marketers and companies, automating and simplifying the process of creating ads and analyzing competitors. ADCREATIVE provides maximum efficiency in the generation of text, images, and video content.


TOP neural networks for traffic arbitrage


Simple Chat

Simple Chat — Creating a 24/7 support service for your company has become easier with Simple Chat – an intelligent assistant. In just 5 minutes you can set up a bot, training it on the basics of your business, and it will be ready to answer customer queries on your website at any time of the day.

TOP neural networks for traffic arbitrage


Nibblerwill help you check your site for optimization, security, etc.

Nibbler is a bot for checking websites. To start checking: enter the website address. It looks at the first of the web pages and follows the link to analyze the others. If there are no links between pages – the bot will not be able to evaluate the site.

The service will make a report rating the site on 10 points in the areas of accessibility, security, SEO, optimization, etc. Also evaluated are user ratings and how well the site is made in technical terms. Does not work with sites made on Flash and protection from spam bots.

TOP neural networks for traffic arbitrage

Undoubtedly, neural networks and services simplify life for marketers and arbitrageurs. The main advantage of such services is their extensive functionality and high speed of processing requests and tasks. However, it should be noted that the use of such services is most often not free.

Profit everyone!

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