Creatives for traffic arbitrage

Creatives for traffic arbitrage

Traffic arbitrage requires a creative approach to creating ads that will attract users’ attention and ensure high conversion rates. In this article, we will look at the basic principles of creating creatives for ads in TikTok, Facebook and Google, as well as the top services that will help you in this process.

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Basic principles of creating creatives

  1. Adaptation to the platform:
    • TikTok: This platform is focused on short, dynamic videos. It is important to use trends and add interactive elements, such as polls and challenges.
    • Facebook: Both videos and static images work well here. It is important to use high-quality visual materials and clear calls to action.
    • Google: For advertising in Google Ads, high-quality images and well-thought-out texts that match user search queries play a key role.
  2. Creativity and uniqueness: Your advertisement must stand out among many others. This could be an original design, unconventional approach, or an interesting plot.
  3. A/B testing: Always test multiple creative options to identify the most effective ones. Use analytics to improve metrics.
  4. Target audience: Understanding your audience is the key to creating successful creatives. Research their preferences, behavior, and needs.

Top services for creating creatives

  1. Canva
    • Description: A popular service for creating graphics with a multitude of templates and tools.
    • Advantages: Ease of use, a wide selection of templates, and collaborative capabilities.
    • Disadvantages: Limited capabilities for advanced editing.
  2. Crello
    • Description: An alternative to Canva with a focus on video and animations.
    • Advantages: Numerous animated templates and video effects.
    • Disadvantages: Less intuitive interface compared to Canva.
  3. Adobe Spark
    • Description: An Adobe product for creating visual content.
    • Advantages: Integration with other Adobe products, extensive functionality.
    • Disadvantages: Subscription required for full functionality access.
  4. Lumen5
    • Description: A platform for creating video content from text.
    • Advantages: Ease of use, automated video creation process.
    • Disadvantages: Limited capabilities for manual editing.
  5. Animoto
    • Description: A service for creating professional video clips.
    • Advantages: High-quality video, ease of use.
    • Disadvantages: Limited template customization options.
  6. Piktochart
    • Description: A tool for creating infographics and presentations.
    • Advantages: Ease of use, a wide selection of templates.
    • Disadvantages: Not many options for animation.
    • Description: A platform for creating and editing video.
    • Advantages: Integration with social networks, a library of stock videos and music.
    • Disadvantages: Paid plans required for access to advanced features.
    • Description: A platform for creating marketing videos.
    • Advantages: Ease of use, a large selection of templates.
    • Disadvantages: Subscription required for full functionality access.

Where can you order ready-made creatives?

EvrikaCreo – Static and video for any vertical. 200+ regular customers, 5000+ creatives made from scratch. Creatives starting at $7.

Webmaster – creatives, logos, banners, stickers, emojis, any designer services.

KMP creatives – A creative agency for creating videos and banners. The team specializes in creating videos and banners for gambling, betting, and nutrition.

The team consists of experienced professionals who know how to attract audience attention and create unique content that works!

KOSCREOS – High-quality converting creatives. Creatives for any purpose and tasks, work with all verticals, static and video of any complexity, rich experience, high quality of execution.

CALIGULA – gambling creatives.

Creative Master – advertising creatives for any vertical and placement platforms, whether video or static. Extensive experience, fast execution, large portfolio, more than 4000 works, discounts for regular customers.

Any video from $15.

Any image from $5.


Creating creatives for traffic arbitrage is an art that requires both a creative approach and technical knowledge. Using modern services to create graphics and videos will help you create attractive and effective advertising materials that can capture the attention of your audience on platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and Google. Test different approaches, analyze results, and continuously improve your creatives to achieve maximum conversion.

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