TOP 10 free proxy servers for traffic arbitrage

TOP 10 free proxy servers for traffic arbitrage

Greetings everyone! In this publication, the FlexCard team, a service with virtual cards, will present a detailed overview of proxy servers: their purpose, and functionality and provide a list of ten free services with proxies.

What is a proxy server?

A proxy server is an intermediate device that passes traffic between your computer and the Internet. It acts as an intermediary, hiding your real IP address and providing another address on the network. This approach helps to ensure the anonymity of the user and bypass location-based restrictions. A user can use a proxy server to hide their location and provide privacy when accessing the internet.

Why do I need a proxy for traffic arbitrage?

Proxy servers in traffic arbitrage play an important role in bypassing security systems on advertising platforms such as Google Ads or Facebook. Without proxies, it is difficult for webmasters to create multiple accounts from a single IP address, especially if the platform prohibits multiple accounts. If Facebook blocks multiple accounts from a single IP address, it can lead to blocking all other accounts associated with that IP faster as well. Using proxies helps avoid such problems and provides efficient account management in traffic arbitrage.

Proxy servers help arbitrageurs:

  • Launch advertising campaigns to promote products from banned categories
  • Create multiple accounts on the same platform for advertising
  • Fake activity from different devices
  • Use parsing services
  • Hide personal data for safe use of social networks

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IPv6 and IPv4 – which one to choose?

Based on the type of address protocol, there are two versions of proxies – IPv6 and IPv4. IPv4, the older version, provides 32-bit IP addresses like “”. IPv6, with new 128-bit addresses like “fe80:10:0:33:33:200:f8ff:fe21:67cf”, offers a huge number of unique addresses suitable for many tasks, including farming Facebook accounts. IPv6 is considered more modern. However, if the platform you are working with does not support IPv6, it is better to use IPv4 to avoid compatibility issues.

Free proxies available in 2024


IPRoyal provides its pool of resident proxy servers based on ethical principles among real users around the world. This free proxy service provider offers an easy-to-use, intuitive control panel for convenient control of your proxy service.


HideMy — service for free and safe internet on all devices

Although HideMy is VPN-oriented, it also offers a database of free proxy servers for manual configuration. Users have access to addresses from 65 countries and 4 types of proxies: HTTP, HTTPS, and Socks 4 and 5. 4 levels of anonymity: from high to no anonymity. To get started, you need to specify the IP address and server port in the browser settings, and detailed instructions are available on the official website. The system regularly tests servers for speed and performance, using information from various sources. The service does not limit the speed for those who like to save money, but there are some restrictions.


NetNut — is a premium proxy server provider offering server and resident IP addresses for a wide range of applications. They are suitable for data collection, business intelligence, brand protection, e-commerce, and web scraping. Their p2p IP addresses are great for SEO, search engine optimization, account management, and other tasks.

Bright Data

Bright Data — a leader in data collection, providing a wide range of proxy services globally.

Bright Data is characterized by high reliability and one of the largest pools of IP addresses on the market, including both residential and mobile proxies. Proxies from Bright Data are widely used for web data collection, SEO auditing, brand protection, and ad verification. Bright Data also provides free access to powerful tools such as Proxy Manager, browser extension, and API.


CroxyProxy — simple solution without manual configuration. Just enter the address of the desired site, and the service will automatically redirect you to the page, replacing your IP with the proxy address. For convenience, you can install a browser extension and avoid visiting the site every time.

The developers claim that the free plan is enough for using social networks and watching videos. However, for $3.5 per month, they offer access to the fastest servers, lag-free Full HD video playback, no ads, and priority support.


ProxyScrape — A relatively popular proxy server. There are about 2000-3000 free proxy servers available.

One of ProxyScrape’s strengths is the frequency of performance checks. Unlike other free proxy servers that check their proxies every hour, ProxyScrape is updated almost every minute.

ProxyScrape also offers paid services if you are willing to pay. You can get a dedicated proxy (that only you can use) for as little as $6.5 per month. 


KPoxy – is a proxy based on the HTTP protocol. There are three ways to use the service:

  1. Visit the official page and enter the address of the desired site in the line – you will be automatically redirected to the desired resource.
  2. Install a browser extension – available for Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox.
  3. Install a portable version – for Windows, Android, or Mac/Linux.

The developers offer four pricing plans – one free and three paid. The cost starts at $5 for 10 days of use.

For that money, you get:

  • 100% ad-free;
  • unlimited downloads;
  • unloaded servers;
  • increased speed.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the proxy, the developers will refund your money within 30 days. — one of the famous proxy sites that started in 2008. It provides proxy/IP/networking tools and is free of charge. also supports various protocols including HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS. is also supported by Squid Proxy. Squid Proxy is a Unix-based proxy server capable of caching and proxying. It can store web application data in your local files so that the next time you visit a site, your browser can retrieve the cached application data from your computer. The cache will speed up the loading of the site and save some traffic on your part. has more than 3500 Squid proxy servers available to you


ProxFree — This is a free proxy with a simple design. The basic steps are as follows:

  1. Copy the link we want to open.
  2. Choose a location – UK, USA, and Turkey are available (speed may vary).
  3. Customize the anonymizer for yourself.

The service does not provide paid tariffs and applications/browser extensions. It is well suited for downloading social networks. There are separate slots on the top panel specifically for YouTube and Facebook.


Webshare — is a proxy service that is known for its proprietary Rotating Datacenter proxies. They offer free proxy services with fast download speeds, making them ideal for fast parsing projects.


Free trial available;

Offers data center rotating proxy servers;

Provides private and anonymous proxy servers;

Allows integration of SOCKS5 proxies with any application.

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