How to make money on the Internet: Top 10 ways

How to make money on the Internet: Top 10 ways

The best way to make money online in 2024 is the one that suits your abilities, knowledge, and skills. In almost any field, a skillful craftsman eventually becomes a highly paid professional, while those who seek to get rich quick without the appropriate efforts and skills may be left with a small income.

Successful individuals have always started from scratch. The Internet is no exception. There are no easy paths to wealth here either. If you are a beginner, you will have to learn a lot, gain experience, and build useful connections. In the first three months, you can expect to earn between 2-8 thousand hryvnias, depending on your field. But over time, online activities can bring a different level of profit.

TOP 10 methods for making money on the Internet in 2024

Nowadays, many newcomers are showing interest in earning opportunities, especially considering the prospects for 2024. Let’s take a look at the list of the most important and high-paying online fields of activity that attract the attention of many.

TOP-10 methods of earning money in 2024

Method 1: Popular freelance professions

Freelancing is usually a way to make money online that does not require large investments. However, it requires professional knowledge and experience. Fortunately, many digital professions can be learned on your own through blogger articles, books, and YouTube videos. Sometimes, you may need to take 3-4 month training courses. But most importantly, most customers do not look for a university degree.

In 2024, the most popular professions will be related to online business, information technology, and Internet services. Below is a list of the most relevant ways to make money.

Profession What the employee does Potential earnings on the Internet
Programmer Develops websites, mobile applications, professional software 20-60 thousand UAH
SEO specialist Promotes websites in search engines using internal and external optimization 12-20 thousand UAH
Web designer Creates and edits website layouts, draws logos, banners, flyers, and 3D modeling of objects 8-50 thousand UAH
Translator Translates texts 6-30 thousand UAH
Remote accountant Compiles reports for companies, optimizes taxes, fills out forms, calculates salaries and vacations 8-16 thousand UAH
SMM manager Promotes communities on social networks 12-20 thousand UAH
Video editor Creates professional videos for Youtube in special programs 12-16 thousand UAH
Internet marketer Develops marketing strategies on the Internet, analyzes the actions of competitors, organizes an advertising campaign, tests new products on the market 16-40 thousand UAH

Method 2: Effective online trading

In the field of online trading, it is possible to make a profit online in 2024, and this industry requires investments. It can be an interesting option for those who have the desire and at least 20 thousand hryvnias to start investing.

In 2024, the following earning schemes will be relevant on the Internet, which can be interesting and profitable for online entrepreneurs:

  • Dropshipping

Minimal investment – this is an important advantage of this scheme, since it does not require the cost of purchasing and storing goods. Your first step is to find a reliable wholesale supplier who is willing to cooperate with you on a dropshipping scheme. After that, you should create and promote your own trading platform.

One of the main aspects of this scheme is the ability to receive 100% prepayment from buyers, taking into account your margin, and then efficiently organize the delivery of the order. Monthly earnings on the Internet with this scheme can amount to 12 thousand hryvnias or even more. This provides an opportunity to create a stable and profitable online business.

  • Selling goods from China

This scheme of making money online is a classic and well-known to many. The main idea is to buy new products at affordable prices on Chinese trading platforms such as Alibaba, Taobao, Dinodirect, Tmart, and then resell them through your own online store with a markup of 50% to 1000%.

One of the main aspects of this scheme is the investment, which can be up to 24 thousand hryvnias. With the right approach and effective business management, earnings per month can range from 16 to 24 thousand hryvnias and even more. This approach provides an opportunity to create a stable source of income on the Internet and develop your own business.

  • Lead generation for business

One of the most profitable ways to make money online is to create websites specialized in professional topics such as law, medicine, or construction. If you are not an expert in these areas, you can make an agreement with someone who has professional experience that you will bring clients to their sites for a fee. For example, it can be a fixed amount, for example, 200 hryvnias, or a percentage of the transaction amount, for example, 15%.

To put this plan into practice, you should create a feedback form on your website where customers can leave requests. After that, you can transfer the contacts of these customers to your partner or a specialist who provides services in the relevant industry. You can then invest the profit in the further development of the project or in other investments. This can be an effective way to generate a stable income online.

Participation in affiliate programs

Method 3: Participation in affiliate programs

Participation in affiliate programs in 2024 can bring income from 8 thousand hryvnias per month and more. The main idea is to help sell goods, services, and products of other companies.

The scheme of earnings in affiliate programs includes the following stages:

  • Registering in a CPA network (for example,,, or searching for available affiliate programs on the Internet.
  • Select the product or service you will promote. You will be given an affiliate link in your personal account.
  • Placing this link on the website or social media where your target audience is located. It is best to use a thematic website or social media group.
  • Supporting the link with a selling text to motivate users to perform a targeted action, such as buying a product, ordering a service, or registering for a game.
  • Receive a reward for each targeted action that users take by clicking on your link.

Usually, participation in affiliate programs requires investing time and money in creating your own website. Placing links on free sites on the Internet (for example, on forums or in article directories) may lead to less results. However, there are exceptions when this approach can be successful.

Method 4. Earn money on Telegram

In 2024, a new earning opportunity appeared in the Telegram messenger. The main advantage of this platform is that there is no algorithmic news feed, and users receive advertising messages in the chat, which helps to automatically increase conversion.

The most relevant method of making money on Telegram in 2024 is to create your own channel. This channel can be monetized in the following ways:

  • Placement of advertising posts.
  • Selling your own products.

The amount of money you can earn online on this platform will depend on the number of subscribers and the topic of your channel. To find out the average prices for ads on Telegram channels, you can visit the Telega exchange. This is a great opportunity to create a stable source of income online using a popular messenger.

Method 5. Development of Websites, Apps, and Online Services

According to, the average income of an IT specialist is 24 thousand hryvnias per month. The highest income on the Internet is earned by the following specialists:

  • Programmers of embedded systems – 45 thousand hryvnias.
  • Joomla programmers – 32 thousand hryvnias.
  • Android programmers – 30 thousand hryvnia.
  • C++ programmers – 27 thousand hryvnias.

However, it is quite difficult to master the profession of an IT specialist on your own. You’ll need to prepare for several years, including participation in paid courses.

For those new to the Internet, there may be an easier way – creating websites on the WordPress platform. In this case, almost no programming skills are required, and you can find orders on freelance exchanges. The average earnings per month can range from 6 to 12 thousand hryvnia.

Method 6. Online Educational Services

In 2024, you can make a profit by providing online training services. This direction is suitable for those who have deep knowledge in a certain field. To attract customers, it is advisable to create your own business card website or at least a group on a social network.

Here are some relevant ways to make money online in 2024:

  • Infobusiness: You can write an e-book, create training videos, or host webinars. To sell infoproducts, you can use affiliate programs such as Justclick, Glopart, or advertise them on your own blog.
  • Consulting: In 2024, there will be a demand for online consultancy in areas such as law, accounting, nutrition, marketing, and SEO. Remote consultants can find clients on freelance exchanges such as and Weblancer. However, it is better to create your own blog and attract clients through expert articles, advertising, and recommendations.
  • Tutoring: It is quite easy to make money online in 2024 by teaching private lessons in the exact sciences (math, physics, chemistry, computer science) or foreign languages. The average cost of one hour of Skype lessons is 320 hryvnias. For experienced teachers, word of mouth will help find their first clients, while free job boards such as OLX and specialized tutoring websites can help beginners.


Method 7. Blogging

How to make money online without investments in 2024? One of the ways – create and promote your blog on a social network, and then get paid from advertising and participation in affiliate programs.

At the moment, Instagram is the most suitable for making money from blogging. This social network has several advantages:

  • The process of creating content requires less time (you need bright photos and short texts) than when working with a website.
  • Allows you to attract an audience of loyal subscribers faster than other social networks such as Facebook or Tik Tok.
  • It is in demand among advertisers.

Nowadays, blogs with at least 5,000 subscribers bring good money on Instagram. On such pages, the cost of an advertising post is approximately 200 to 400 hryvnias with 20-30 thousand followers. As the number of subscribers grows, the price for advertising also increases and can reach from 800 to 2,000 hryvnias.

Method 8. Create your own website to make money on advertising

If you are interested in passive online earnings in 2024, then try to create and promote an informational website. You will receive money for every click on Google ad units. Usually, the number of clicks ranges from 0.5% to 1.5% of the total number of visitors.

To make money on contextual and banner advertising, it is important to choose the right topic for your website. Traditionally, the most expensive niches on the Internet are the following:

  • Banking, credit, insurance, and other financial services
  • Real estate.
  • Business, opening a sole proprietorship, registration of companies.
  • Forex.
  • Cryptocurrencies.
  • Tickets, hotels.
  • Training.
  • Furniture and interiors.

The cost of each click in these niches can range from 15 to 100 hryvnias. Knowing the number of unique visitors per day, you can calculate the approximate earnings from your website. For example, a banking website with 5,000 daily visitors can generate the following approximate monthly earnings: 40 UAH × 5,000 × 0.01 ≡ 2,000 UAH. And this is only from contextual advertising.

Method 9. Cryptocurrency transactions

How to make money with cryptocurrency? In 2024, the following methods will be relevant on the Internet:

  • Purchase of high-capitalization tokens (for example, Bitcoin or Ethereum) with the aim of selling them when their price rises.
  • Investing money in new, cheap, but promising cryptocurrency coins.

Trading is a more profitable, but complicated and risky way to make money on cryptocurrencies. It can be difficult for beginners to succeed without specialized knowledge and they may suffer losses. If you are looking for a more stable option, then consider investing in cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency Operations

Method 10. Investing is a promising way to make money with investments

At the end of 2023, many investors began to be interested in online earning opportunities in 2024. Here are some relevant areas for investing money:

  • Investing in bank deposits: This method allows you to protect your savings from inflation. Usually, deposit rates are 12%. Banks often offer interest capitalization, monthly interest payments, as well as the possibility of partial withdrawal and replenishment of the deposit. You can open a deposit online, and the minimum deposit amount is usually 1 thousand hryvnias.
  • Purchase of securities: Online, you can buy shares of companies through legal brokerage offices such as Finam, Otkritie Broker, BCS Broker. You will be able to receive an income of 15% to 20% per annum, and sometimes even dividend payments. The least risky option is to buy shares from “blue chips” – these are securities from organizations with stable financial growth.
  • Investment in PAMM accounts: Investing in the Forex market through PAMM accounts can be risky, but with the right approach, this method can provide an income of 30-50% per annum. It involves transferring your funds to the management of experienced traders.

Before investing in any investment instrument, it is important to carefully research the market and consult with specialists, since investments always involve risks.

In 2024, there are many opportunities to make money online, and many of them can be quite profitable. It is important to choose the direction that suits your interests, knowledge, and financial capabilities.

These methods require different skills and levels of effort, and are also associated with different levels of risk. It is important to choose the one that best suits your goals and capabilities and be prepared to invest the time and effort to succeed.

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