What is SmartLink and why do you need it

What is SmartLink and why do you need it

The effectiveness of paid traffic monetization depends on the quality of advertising campaigns. Smartlink is a useful tool that selects relevant offers for each user. In this article, we will talk about what Smartlink is, its main functions, and what tasks it solves.

What is Smartlink?

A smart link is a smart link that selects a suitable offer for a user based on technical information about them. Each person who clicks on the link sees a specific offer that matches their interests.

For example, you have launched an advertising campaign on teaser networks and bought a small amount of push traffic to check how much quality visitors are generated by sites you have not worked with before.

Let’s assume that advertising platforms do not allow you to flexibly customize audience parameters. You can only set the country and gender. To monetize such traffic, you need either a universal product or money will be wasted.

In such cases, Smartlink comes to the rescue, filtering the audience and showing it different content depending on the location, operating system, screen resolution, and other parameters.

Smart algorithms collect information about visitors and show them the most suitable offers. In theory, the scheme looks perfect, but in practice, everything is not so smooth. In some cases, users see ads that do not arouse their interest.

For arbitrageurs and webmasters, Smartlink seems like a magic tool. Instead of creating dozens of pages for different audience segments and spending time developing creatives, it is enough to simply insert a link from the affiliate network in the settings of the advertising platform.

Smartlink is used mainly in gray niches: data mining, gambling, betting, and other verticals. The tool is available in some product affiliate programs, but its potential is best revealed in dating offers, where advertisers accept any traffic.

How Smartlink works

Smartlink is based on a system of traffic analysis and distribution. Smart algorithms show content relevant to the user’s interests and constantly analyze the effectiveness of the display based on the number of conversions received. The more traffic passes through Smartlink, the more accurate the algorithms become over time.

Smartlink is not a magic tool that reads users’ thoughts and gives them what they need. It is an intelligent system that conducts A/B testing and optimizes the display of content to maximize conversions.

Smartlink is ideal in situations where there is a constant flow of traffic and the characteristics of the audience are unknown. For example, if you post in other people’s groups and don’t know who will follow the link. This will be known only after the analytics system has accumulated statistics.

What user data does Smartlink analyze

  • Location – country, city, region
  • IP address
  • Connection type
  • Operating system version
  • Browser version
  • Device type

Algorithms distribute traffic flows and monitor the availability of offers. For example, if the limits for the offer with the highest conversion rate are over, the system substitutes the next most popular product.

Thus, traffic is monetized in full. No visitor is left without viewing information about a product or service that may be of interest to them.

There are no delays in data updates – data analysis and redirects are performed in milliseconds. The user does not see anything unnecessary. After clicking on the link, the offer that the system has identified as the most suitable appears on the screen in a few moments.

Let’s say you bought 10,000 clicks from a teaser network without fine-tuning the audience parameters. All you know is that users are interested in dating, but you don’t know which offers will suit them best.

Smartlink functions

Smartlink algorithms try to show each visitor the most suitable offer. This is a global task that the tool solves. If the traffic is of normal quality and the system offers relevant offers, the effectiveness of this approach will be high.

Smartlink frees webmasters and arbitrageurs from the routine work of manual A/B testing and endless optimization of advertising campaigns. All you need is a budget for paid traffic and a little time to set everything up.

What tasks does Smartlink solve

  1. Allows you to focus on traffic. No need to choose landing pages or generate hundreds of creatives.
  2. Reduces the number of expenses. There is no need to register dozens of domains, pay for an expensive VPS server, and buy other things.
  3. Allows you to forget about constant monitoring. If the offer suddenly goes offline, the traffic will not be wasted. The system will automatically connect the next most efficient product.
  4. Eliminates the need to use complex tools. There is no need for trackers with multi-level filters and expensive subscriptions.
  5. Allows you to conduct tests. If you have not previously attracted traffic from teaser networks or push networks, it makes sense to check the quality on test volumes.

Smartlink reduces the number of routine tasks, but it is not a panacea. If you expect to earn money automatically, it is better not to waste money. There is nothing better than fine-tuning advertising campaigns and redirecting traffic to the right offers.

Alex Lead Panda

Alex is our traffic arbitrage editor, and his work is pure magic. He combines a deep understanding of online advertising with excellent editorial skills. Alex knows how to optimize content and make it easy to understand. His talent is not only in working with text, but also in understanding the needs of the target audience. And he does it all with ease and attention to detail, creating high quality content for all our readers.
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