How to make money with a poker affiliate program

How to make money with a poker affiliate program

Do you like to play poker, but don’t manage to earn significant amounts of money consistently? Then this article is especially for you! We will consider the possibilities of earning money in poker without playing it yourself, just by attracting new players to poker rooms. All the leading poker sites have affiliate programs that allow you to earn money. If you have your own website, blog, or social media group, you can become a partner of a poker room and get a stable income from poker.

Earnings scheme on poker affiliate program

First, you need to register as an affiliate in one of the leading poker rooms of your choice. We remind you that all major sites have this option: PokerStars, 888Poker, PartyPoker, PokerDom, UnibetPoker and many others.

Next, place a link or banner to your partner poker room on your website or blog. In addition, to attract newcomers and increase your profits, we recommend writing a short review and emphasizing the advantages of playing in this particular poker room.

Users of your website or blog readers who are interested in advertising can register using the link provided.

If the players you attract to the poker room make a deposit and start playing for real money, you will start receiving rewards for their involvement.

Types of affiliate programs

The payout terms in the affiliate programs of different poker rooms can vary:

  • Percentage of rake. This method provides for the receipt of profit in the form of a percentage of the rake paid by the player. Usually, these percentages range from 15% to 40%. With this system, you can receive money for each attracted player as long as he continues to play and generate rake.
  • CPA (cost per action). In this program, you receive a fixed profit regardless of the amount of rake generated by the player. A player who has made a minimum deposit to your affiliate poker room is considered to be engaged. As a rule, the minimum deposit is considered to be from 10 to 30 dollars.
  • Mixed. This program combines both of the above methods. According to the terms of this affiliate program, you get paid both directly after the player’s deposit and for the rake generated by him.

An example of an affiliate program with a percentage of the rake in PokerStars room

After attracting 1-2 players, you will receive 15% of their rake

  • 3-5 players – 20%
  • 6-10 players – 22%
  • 11-20 players – 25%
  • 21-40 players – 27%
  • 41-80 players – 30%
  • 81-200 players – 32%
  • 201 and more players – 35%

Let’s consider an example in numbers:

  • You have attracted 2 players who generate $100 rake per month. In this case, your earnings will be $15 from each of them – $30 in total for the month.
  • You have attracted 50 players, each of whom also generates $100 rake per month. Now you will receive $30 from each player’s rake, which will total $1,500 per month.
  • You have attracted 210 players, each with $100 rake per month. You will receive $35 for each of them and your total income will be $7,350 per month just for attracting new players.

An example of CPA affiliate program at 888Poker

If you manage to attract a certain number of players during a calendar month, you will be able to receive the following payments:

Attracting 1 to 5 players – $65 for each

From 6 to 10 players – $100 for each

From 11 to 30 players – $125 for each

From 31 to 50 players – $150 for each

From 51 players and more – $200 for each

Use it, but don’t forget to assess your risks and allocate your budget rationally to avoid becoming a real gambling addict.

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