Retail arbitrage: what you need to know

Retail arbitrage: what you need to know

Retail arbitrage: what you need to know

Retail arbitrage is a specialized type of business focused on the purchase and subsequent sale of goods that are often imported from China. This process includes the purchase of products at wholesale prices and their sale to end users with the addition of a markup.

Another meaning of the term is related to the work in the field of retail CPA networks. As part of such cooperation, you use your resources (for example, a blog, YouTube channel, or website) to direct the flow of visitors to a partner store such as Aliexpress. For each purchase made on your recommendation, you can receive income that sometimes reaches 70% of the cost of the goods.

Selling goods online has been popularized for many years. Every day, thousands of people turn to search engines to find and purchase the things they need, which opens up great opportunities for earnings.

However, simply buying and reselling goods on the market today can be inefficient. Without the appropriate knowledge, skills, and practical experience, it can be difficult to succeed in this business, but we will help you and reveal the most important information

Key steps to successfully launch a retail business:

  • Decide on an interesting range of products (it is advisable to choose 5-10 items), such as soft toys for February 14 or garlands for the New Year.
  • Analyze demand by estimating the number of views on services such as OLX, Rozetka, and various marketplaces.
  • Eliminate products with low margins based on the analysis.
  • Purchase goods in bulk at a favorable price.
  • Create a high-quality website or actively use social media accounts.
  • Launch advertising and targeting campaigns.

From experience, this strategy is the most effective for minimizing losses at the initial stage. It is important to be prepared for the fact that the product can quickly become popular and sell out, which will require urgent purchase of a new batch from the supplier. To create a successful commercial model, you need to regularly experiment with different products, and the most convenient and cost-effective way to do this is through message boards.

The peculiarities of retail arbitrage:

  • Creating or adapting existing creatives (advertising materials) to your needs. Most affiliate programs allow you to do this, which helps to improve conversion. For example, the traffic master can conduct split testing, eliminating less effective options. However, for beginners, it may be better to use ready-made creatives, as this process requires certain skills.
  • Use of pre-landing pages. This increases the chances of successful moderation, as prelisting does not sell the product directly, but only offers to proceed to ordering it. Arbitrageurs can also link their own domains to redirect to the main landing page.
  • Install Google Search Console or another analytics system on the landing page. This makes it possible to track traffic and user behavior on the page, as it is done, for example, in the KMA system. Such tools are a valuable resource for analyzing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

How much you can earn on a product:

You can follow a simple algorithm to work successfully and make a profit:

  1. Register in an affiliate program (AP) that offers favorable conditions.
  2. Choose an offer that is characterized by a high level of approval (upvote).
  3. Study the target audience (TA) for the selected offer.
  4. Determine the most suitable traffic source to attract users.
  5. Develop several variants of creatives for advertising.
  6. Prepare the necessary materials and tools to launch the campaign.
  7. Start driving traffic to the selected offer and monitor its effectiveness.

Retail arbitrage case study:

Earned $8609 using FB. There was a permission to post materials on an own website and on the popular social network Instagram. The geographical setting of advertising was focused on Thailand. Cooperation was carried out with the Everad affiliate program. The advertised product was Omegaslim. The initial 100 thousand ad impressions were used to test and define the target audience, and as a result, the category of women aged 30 to 50 was chosen.


Commodities remain a consistently popular niche. This is due to the fact that offers in this area are usually mass-produced goods, which are often inexpensive and bought on an emotional level. This creates ample opportunities for developing creatives and using various methods of influencing the target audience. Strive for a profitable business and enjoy your success!

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