CPA arbitrage

CPA arbitrage

Why is the CPA model especially beneficial for newcomers to arbitrage and how is it organized? We will talk about this in detail below.

In this text, we have collected tips from top experts in arbitrage, so we advise you to read the article to the end. Let’s go.

CPA stands for cost per action.

So why is it better to choose a CPA affiliate instead of working directly with advertisers? Working directly with an advertiser requires a lot of legal support, a current account, a large volume of traffic, proven experience, and most importantly, payouts, which take longer.

The CPA is an ideal model for the beginner for several reasons:

  • It’s easier to find the right offers.
  • Faster return on investment.
  • It is more convenient to test different bundles.

What’s important to working in CPA?

  • Development: Here the principle is relevant: whoever has the information has the world. To keep up to date with the latest news and trends – you need to constantly learn, attend various events, and follow the news on forums and telegram channels.
  • Original creo: The more unique the creo – the more likely deposits grow exponentially. Finding standard creos on spay services is not as relevant as generating something more converting and personalized for GEO.
  • GEO: There are 3 types of geo – TR 1 / TR 2 / TR 3. Depending on the selected GEO the price of deposit payout differs. But here it is also important to realize that beginners should not immediately run for big payouts in TR 1, as you need good experience in profitable pouring.
  • Testing: No one became a top arbitrageur for 1-2 successful pouring RK, because it is a game “in a long time” and you need to understand that there are successes and pouring in the minus. The main thing is to always find the reason and correct it. Then the envelope will grow and accordingly income too.
  • Choosing a good PP: Study the conditions of different affiliate programs, reviews about them, the relevance of offers for your traffic, GEO, and CA, as well as the rate of payouts.

CPA marketers:

  • Advertiser
  • Arbitrageur
  • Affiliate

CPA arbitrage is a scheme convenient for all three parties: advertisers get new clients, arbitrageurs earn a commission for each attracted to lead, and affiliates offer and sell offers. For advertisers, this is especially beneficial, as this model allows them to more easily forecast profits, and ROI and expand their business.

Verticals for CPA arbitrage

  • Dating – dating for dating, sex live or online. Dating is an evergreen niche, i.e. crises and pandemics do not affect it. Dating offers both adult and mainstream show good EPC (average revenue per click)”.
  • Adult – 18+ content (video clips, porn games, streams). Adult content generates huge profits and is designed for everyone: straight, LGBT, bi. Offers in adults are many, and with the right setup, ROI is ensured.
  • Nutra – a wide range of health products from weight loss to increased libido. Generics – cheaper versions of potency products than Cealex and Viagra sell well.
  • Sweepstake – an offer to participate in a raffle in exchange for entering your details.
  • Finance – microloans, crypto exchanges, and crypto exchanges. Crypto arbitrage has temporarily quieted down after the May dump, but it is believed that from September growth will begin and Bitcoin will break the $100,000 mark.
  • Gambling – online casinos and sports betting. Betting on cybersports is also on the rise. A lot of gamers not only root for their favorite team but are willing to bet on its victory in tournaments.
  • iGaming – online gaming traffic arbitrage. Revenues from games with loot boxes and in-app purchases are in the billions of dollars, so many companies are opening game development projects (gamdev).

It’s better to have success and full ROI in one vertical first and then switch to others.

How to choose an offer

Choosing the right offer is 60% of success.

When choosing an affiliate, pay attention to the following factors:

  • rating and reviews among arbitrageurs;
  • date of affiliate launch;
  • price per click (ECPC);
  • conversion rate;
  • action verification period.

To find the best conditions, register with different affiliate networks and communicate with their managers. If an advertiser prefers to limit access to his offer, he can create a private offer available only to selected webmasters. If you want to get access to such a private offer and a customized rate, you will need to negotiate with the affiliate manager. However, if you provide the required volume and quality of traffic, managers are usually ready to meet your needs.


CPA is an appropriate method for various verticals and is particularly well-suited for novice arbitrageurs. It is important to move from theoretical knowledge to practical experience, test different combinations of methods, invest resources, generate new ideas, make profits, and expand your activities. Remember that investments can bring both profits and losses, so it is important to be able to react correctly to mistakes and develop crisis management skills.

As in any advertising business, success in arbitrage often depends on many factors and can be unpredictable, but with a competent strategy, it is possible to achieve a significant increase in profits. Do not forget that the use of other people’s ideas may or may not bring success, so it is extremely important to conduct your research and develop individual strategies.

Profit, plus ROI and enjoy affiliate marketing.

Alex Lead Panda

Alex is our traffic arbitrage editor, and his work is pure magic. He combines a deep understanding of online advertising with excellent editorial skills. Alex knows how to optimize content and make it easy to understand. His talent is not only in working with text, but also in understanding the needs of the target audience. And he does it all with ease and attention to detail, creating high quality content for all our readers.
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