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Ghost Browser anti detect browser overview

Ghost Browser is a multi-session anti-detect browser that allows users to visit pages anonymously from different accounts on the same website.


Key features include

  • Attaching an identifier to each tab: Each tab can have a unique identifier, which provides anonymity and account isolation.
  • Forming separate cookie stores: Ghost Browser creates separate cookie stores for each tab, preventing data from being mixed between sessions.
  • Labeling tabs by color and sorting into groups: Users can easily organize tabs by assigning them different colors and grouping them into categories.
  • Unlimited Workspaces (Basic): Allows you to create multiple workspaces to manage different profiles and tasks.
  • Proxy Servers and Ghost Proxy Control (Pro): The paid version offers the ability to use a different proxy for each tab or workspace, as well as proxy control via the Ghost Proxy Control extension.
  • View pages from different countries (Pro): Users can view web pages from different geographical locations, which is useful for testing and marketing.

Who will benefit from Ghost Browser and its features

Ghost Browser is suitable for professionals who work with multiple profiles at the same time, such as beta testers, bettors, arbitrageurs, and general users who need anonymity and security on the Internet.

Ghost Browser tariffs

Ghost Browser offers a free version with limited functionality and paid versions (Basic and Pro) with additional features including proxy management and browsing from different countries.


Pros of Ghost Browser

  • Simple and clear interface based on Chromium.
  • Lots of features for managing multiple accounts and sessions.
  • Proxy support and the ability to work with different geographical regions.
  • Easy management of tabs and workspaces.

Ghost Browser cons

  • Some advanced features are available only in paid versions.
  • Not always stable work with proxies and network settings.


Ghost Browser is a handy tool for working with multiple profiles and accounts, providing anonymity and security on the Internet. It is suitable for both novice users and experienced professionals involved in arbitrage and testing.

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