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Main functions of PowerAdSpy service

PowerAdSpy provides the ability to analyze competitors’ advertising strategies in social networks, research and find insights for business promotion, and optimize marketing campaigns.


PowerAdSpy features

  • Advanced search and filtering: Users can use comprehensive filters to search for advertising components.
  • Detailed reports: The service provides detailed reports on analytics, technologies used, and strategies.
  • Dashboard personalization: Users can customize the dashboard according to their own preferences.
  • Compatibility on all devices: The service is available on a variety of devices, ensuring ease of use.
  • Free Facebook extension: Users can install the extension for Chrome and view competitive statistics of targeted ads on Facebook.

Who will benefit from the PowerAdSpy service and its features

PowerAdSpy will be useful to marketers, advertising agencies and entrepreneurs who are interested in analyzing competitors’ advertising strategies and optimizing their own campaigns.

PowerAdSpy service tariffs

PowerAdSpy offers 7 pricing plans starting at $49 per month. The greatest features are available on the Palladium tariff for $349 per month.


Pros of PowerAdSpy service

  • Advanced search and filtering: Allows users to find ads of different types and from different industries.
  • Detailed reports: Provides detailed analytics on advertising strategies.
  • Free Facebook extension: Installing the extension allows you to view targeted advertising statistics on Facebook.

Minuses of PowerAdSpy service

  • Requires basic technical training: To fully utilize the service requires skills in marketing analytics.
  • Limited features on some tariffs: The first three tariff plans lack some useful features and filters.
  • No refund option: Even when buying the most expensive tariff, money is not refundable in case of dissatisfaction.
  • Problems with registration from Russia: There may be problems with registration due to failure to send a code to a Russian phone number.


PowerAdSpy is a powerful tool for analyzing advertising strategies in social networks. It has a wide range of functionality, although it requires basic skills in marketing analytics. With a variety of pricing plans, users can choose the right one according to their needs and budget. However, it is worth considering drawbacks such as limited features on some plans and no refund option.

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