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Main functions of the Ads Approved service

Ads Approved service is a powerful tool, especially for those who plan to work with cloaca.

The service creates websites manually with original content, paying special attention to uniqueness to avoid blocking on various platforms. The service team strives to create websites that pass moderation on popular platforms and ensure long-lasting customer service.

The service demonstrates a high level of efficiency, as shown by the investment in Facebook ads. This confirms the professionalism and success of the work in the field of advertising and promotion.

More than 500 regular clients, including large arbitrage teams, trust the Ads Approved service, which testifies to the quality of its work and reliability.

Main functions of the Ads Approved service

The main function of the service is “cloaking” or substitution.

Cloaking is a method in web marketing in which one and the same web page shows different content for search engine robots and ordinary users. The main purpose of cloaking is to trick search engines and advertising platforms into showing content that may not comply with their rules or guidelines, but still provide more attractive or targeted content to end users. Cloaking can be used to bypass blocking, increase conversions, and improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Examples of cloaking

  • Search Engines: Website owners can use cloaking to display optimized content for search engine robots to improve search engine rankings. At the same time, content is displayed to users that may be more attractive or relevant, but does not necessarily match the same keywords.
  • Advertising platforms: In the field of digital advertising, cloaking can be used to circumvent the rules and filters of advertising platforms. For example, by displaying approved content for the platform while simultaneously displaying alternative content to end users.

White Page in the context of cloaking

  • A White Page is a legitimate page that complies with the rules and requirements of advertising platforms and search engines. This page is displayed when search engine robots or advertising platforms crawl a website, which helps avoid blocking and rejection.
  • However, the use of cloaking, including the White Page, can be controversial in the digital marketing industry. Search engines and advertising platforms are actively fighting cloaking and taking steps to detect and penalize its use. Therefore, arbitrageurs and marketers should be cautious and well-versed in the rules and regulations of ad platforms before using cloaking and White Page in their campaigns.

Who will benefit from the Ads Approved service

The following categories of users can use the Ads Approved service:

  1. Marketers and advertising agencies: Marketers and digital advertising agencies can use Ads Approved to create high-quality web pages and bypass ad platform blocking. This will help them improve campaign performance and increase conversion rates.
  2. Arbitrageurs: Arbitrageurs dealing with arbitrage traffic can use Ads Approved to create and optimize pages, ensuring the reliability and effectiveness of their campaigns.
  3. Business Owners: Owners of online businesses, web stores, and online projects can use Ads Approved to increase the visibility of their sites in search engines and improve user experience.
  4. SEO professionals: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals can use Ads Approved to create quality content and ensure their sites comply with search engine rules and requirements.

Rates on the Ads Approved platform are as follows

Rates on the Ads Approved platform are as follows


  • One wightpage.
  • AI cloaca.
  • Work with various advertising platforms including Google, Facebook*, TikTok.
  • Cost: 50 USD.


  • Create up to 10 wightpages for cloaking.
  • Working with built-in AI cloaking.
  • Using trusted domains.
  • Working with all popular advertising platforms.
  • Cost: 500 USD (without discount).


  • Creation of up to 50 wight pages.
  • All tools included in the Pro tariff.
  • Cost: 2500 USD (without discount).

Each tariff plan offers certain features and tools for working with cloaca and advertising platforms. It should be noted that the prices are listed without taking into account possible discounts or promotions.

Pros of Ads Approved service

  1. Quality and unique White Pages: Users receive web pages that meet the requirements of ad platforms and search engines, which helps avoid blocking and comply with regulations.
  2. Built-in AI cloaca to bypass blocking: The presence of built-in AI cloaca provides the ability to bypass blocking and filters, allowing you to show different content to different users and prevent rejections.
  3. Different tariff options: The presence of different tariff options allows users to choose the most suitable plan considering their needs and budget, including available features and price categories.

Cons of Ads Approved service

  1. Need to contact support to order a service: Ordering a service through contacting support can require extra time and effort, which can make it difficult to get started with the service.
  2. No test or free plan: Not being able to test or use a free plan may limit users’ access to the platform, as not everyone is ready to pay for access without first familiarizing themselves with the functionality and features of the service.

The Ads Approved service provides tools and opportunities for digital marketing professionals and online business owners, allowing them to improve the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns and ensure compliance with the rules and requirements of advertising platforms. Despite some limitations, such as the need to contact support to order the service and the lack of a test period, the service offers valuable tools to optimize online presence and advertising strategies.

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