What ad network is the most effective in media buying

What ad network is the most effective in media buying

What is the most effective online advertising? Many media buyers ask themselves this question. What should you do if your budget is limited but you need to attract customers? Of course, use all the advantages of the Internet! Online advertising is available to absolutely everyone, you just need to learn how to use it correctly.

What is an advertising network?

It is called an aggregation of platforms where you can run ads through a single intermediary. The basic idea is that the owner of an ad network negotiates with various websites and apps to bring advertisers, then receives part of the advertising revenue for themselves, and gives the other part to the website owners – publishers.

It can be said that the definition of an ad network is hidden in its very name: sites are networked, and ads can be displayed on any of them, depending on the audience settings in the campaign. The ad network decides on which website and in what format to display ads.

What are the types of advertising networks?

It is popular to classify online advertising networks as follows:

  • Horizontal ad network
  • Vertical advertising network
  • Specialized advertising network
  • Premium class of advertising network

A horizontal ad network includes a large number of platforms and advertising tools. Such networks provide the largest coverage and the most detailed targeting settings.

The premium class of advertising networks cooperates with large web publishers and offers advertisers paid premium access to advertising inventory.

A vertical ad network connects highly specialized advertisers with relevant publishers. Instead of using a horizontal network, niche advertisers can try a vertical network to find their unique audience.

A specialized ad network is limited to a specific inventory, such as video banners only or in-app ads.

In practice, it turns out that this type is not very relevant for working with large-scale campaigns. It is more convenient to divide ad networks by targeting capabilities, formats, and prices.

This typology applies only to niche requests, for example, when you need premium or highly specialized traffic. In such situations, it is wise to work with an already collected database of networks. In other cases, when choosing a network, we return to inventory, targeting, formats, and cost.

What types of advertising are available on social networks?

Advertising networks offer different formats of advertising: graphic banners, text banners, push notifications, pop-ups, and videos. Each of these formats has its own goals and objectives. For example, display advertising (banners) increases the reach – it is effective for introducing a brand, telling about new products in the catalog, and offering promotions or discounts. Native text banners are used to advertise a product unobtrusively. Push notifications – to remind the user about yourself.

It is worth launching performance advertising through networks, as this tool shows itself very well in terms of efficiency and payback in many topics. An undoubted advantage is a new audience, which you can’t reach in search, and a wide range of targeting (by key queries, interests, user profile, etc.).

Performance advertising is aimed at achieving a measurable result and encourages the user to take a specific action: place an order, leave a request, or install an app. In this case, such results can be measured. For example, in the case of advertising on the display network, just like in search, you can measure the number of leads or sales that came from such a source. So test it!

In which niches will network advertising be most effective?

There are products or services in high demand for which an advertising network is not suitable, but for such topics as real estate, cars, services, or goods with delayed demand, advertising in networks is a must. It will not always lead to direct leads (especially in the case of classic display advertising), but it will be one of the main sources of associated conversions in the chain.

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