How to make popular content to promote traffic?

How to make popular content to promote traffic?

Why promote content


How to make popular content to promote traffic?Although the answer to this question is obvious, we want to highlight the main advantages of content promotion for traffic pumping:

Low cost. Viral marketing is much cheaper than any other type of marketing, especially traditional. When starting a business, an entrepreneur spends large amounts of money on advertising, while viral advertising does not require such expenses. The target audience promotes the brand for you.

Increase the level of trust. Who do you trust more: business or customers? The answer is obvious. The brand itself is less trustworthy than its customers because its only goal is to sell. If your business is growing successfully and there is a lot of talk around it, people will have more reason to trust you.

Effective way of lead generation. Viral marketing is a prime example of fast lead generation, as it is subordinated to all types and channels of online marketing in general. Thus, a wide reach is ensured. People are happy to share trending and entertaining information with their friends. You don’t have to look far for an example: you’ve sent a meme or a video with cats to your friends, haven’t you?

Brand awareness. Viral marketing contributes to brand awareness. Brand awareness is time-consuming, but if you understand your audience well, it will make this task much easier for you, and the result will be long-term.

What is content popularization?


How to make popular content to promote traffic?Creating content is not that difficult, so what about its popularization? There’s a reason why it goes viral at the speed of light. To make people want to share your content, it has to appeal to people’s feelings and emotions. Think back to the last post you sent to your friends. What emotions did you feel? Perhaps it was admiration, surprise, or fun. “Connecting a brand to an emotion can be a real puzzle. To solve it, identify the problem that your brand can help solve. It’s hard to surprise a modern, sophisticated audience, but it’s worth a try.

Make sure your content is easy to share. If not, people won’t waste time looking for ways to do so and will pass by. Social media is an ideal type of online marketing for viral advertising. It also makes it easy to measure the effectiveness of your work.

When thinking of a strategy, remember that the content should be understandable to the audience, because everything ingenious is simple.

How to increase traffic on content?


How to make popular content to promote traffic?Appeal to feelings and emotions. Forget about being a seller, think about what makes people buy. They should unconsciously perceive your ad. Surprise, joy, compassion – everything that makes people show emotions, attracts attention, and makes them think.

Avoid direct advertising. Would you share a video with a standard call to action “Buy our product”? Doubtful. Surprise your audience with fresh and original ideas.

Connect the viral video to the brand. Sometimes after watching a video, people may feel indignant because it has nothing to do with your brand, so why waste time? Maybe someone will send it to their friends, but the brand name will be forgotten. Make sure that the main message of the video is clear and correlated with the brand.

Connect with partners and industry experts. The brand will be talked about if it is recommended by reputable people and companies. Contact them, offer to try your product, and leave a review, but do not ask for direct advertising. If they like the product, many people will learn about it.

Involve celebrities. Celebrities in a video automatically increase their chances of going viral. Such people can make ordinary things popular: sneakers for morning jogging, coffee makers, cars, watches, and headphones. Any simple thing used by a celebrity no longer seems so simple. People believe that celebrities choose the best products in their category.

How to popularize content: effective strategies

Place social media buttons next to the call to action. Add social media sharing buttons next to the call to action. Use the text “If you like this product, share it with your friends”.

Motivate to buy. Add motivating text next to the buttons, for example, “Ask your friends if this bag will match your shoes”.

Offer to recommend the product. After the purchase, ask the customer if they would recommend the product to their friends and give two options: yes and no. If the user chooses no, ask for the reason, offer options, and ask for contact information to find out personally why. It’s a good practice because it not only helps you continuously improve your brand but also shows customers that their opinions matter.

Offer a discount. Place two calls to action next to the product. The text of the first will be “Buy headphones”, and the text of the second “Buy 2 pairs of headphones at a discount” and indicate the amount of the discount. Make it available if the user shares the page about this product with friends.

Give something in return for sharing. During checkout, offer free shipping if the customer shares the product page with their friends, or offer a discount on their next purchase under the same conditions. In this way, you will not only amplify the effect of viral marketing but also drive new sales.


Content promotion is an important link in the brand development strategy, as viral marketing is not only effective but also an affordable way to attract audience attention and increase traffic.

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