How to improve lead generation in 2024

How to improve lead generation in 2024

Perhaps we should start with the basic terminology to avoid confusion.

A lead is a potential customer who is already interested in your product but has not yet purchased it, but has only performed a certain targeted action: left contact information, subscribed to a newsletter, installed an app, etc.

Lead generation is, accordingly, the process of attracting leads and collecting their contacts. That is, the formation of a user base that can become your direct customers in the future.

Principles of lead generation

The goal of any commercial website is to attract leads. And it is very important to understand how to do it! But first, let’s understand how lead generation works on a basic level.

Users come to your website interested in a product or service. Some of them just browse the information and don’t take any action. However, the other part (leads) takes action: fills out a feedback form, leaves contact information to receive newsletters, orders a callback, and so on. This is the process of lead generation!

So, lead generation is the factor without which a company receives only visits to its website, but nothing more. For example, if there is no application form, a potential buyer will simply leave the platform. You won’t have their contacts, managers won’t be able to contact them, and you won’t be able to send them emails. This means a loss of profit. It is very important to use various channels to increase leads in order to convert them into real customers and, accordingly, earn money. Ultimately, the goal of any commercial project is to make money.

What is a lead and how to get it

A lead, as we said above, is a user who has provided their contact information for feedback in one form or another. But it’s important to explain a bit here. In the B2C sector, a seller of everyday goods needs only “basic contacts” of leads: phone number, email address, etc. But in B2B, it’s a little more complicated. Here, it is important to know information not only about the user but also about the company: the position of its representative, the scope and scale of business, the need for the product, and so on.

Therefore, in B2C, the lead generation process is usually more complex and requires an even more comprehensive approach. On the other hand, each such lead that turns into a customer most often brings a really significant profit.

Ways to generate leads in 2024

Trends and methods of lead generation are constantly changing. And this is absolutely normal in the era of rapid changes in the modern market and consumer habits. At the moment, we can name a few current trends and methods for those who want to attract leads in 2024!

Lead generation tool #1: chatbots

Chatbots are programs that simulate a conversation with a human using text or voice. They can be used for customer service, consulting, training, booking, ordering goods or services, and much more. Chatbots allow marketers to establish a more personal contact with potential customers, answer their questions, and provide them with the information they need in real time.

Chatbots can also collect data on user behavior and interests, analyze it, and use it to create personalized offers. They are good at increasing customer conversion, retention, and satisfaction.

Lead generation tool #2: video marketing

Video marketing is the use of video content to promote a brand, product, or service. Video content can be posted on various platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and others. Videos are good at attracting the audience’s attention, strengthening the emotional connection with the brand, demonstrating the value of a product or service, and increasing the company’s credibility and authority. Video marketing also promotes the spread of viral content, which can attract a large number of potential customers.

Lead generation tool #3: influence marketing

Influencer marketing is cooperation with social media influencers who have a large number of followers and trust of the audience. This method of lead generation allows marketers to expand their reach and convey their message to the target audience through authoritative and reliable intermediaries. Influencer marketing increases brand awareness, builds social proof, strengthens customer loyalty and trust, and increases traffic and conversions.

Lead generation tool #4: lead generation with DMP

DMP (Data Management Platform) is a platform for collecting, storing, processing, and analyzing large amounts of user data from various sources, such as websites, mobile applications, social networks, CRM systems, and others.

DMP helps marketers create detailed portraits of potential customers, segment them by various criteria, identify their needs and preferences, and develop effective marketing campaigns aimed at specific audience groups. DMP improves the quality of leads, reduces the cost of customer acquisition, and increases the ROI (Return on Investment) of marketing.

Lead generation tool #5: content marketing

Content marketing is the creation and distribution of useful, interesting, and valuable content for the audience. This method of lead generation can include various content formats, such as blogs, articles, infographics, podcasts, webinars, case studies, testimonials, ebooks, and much more. Content marketing helps marketers to attract and retain the audience’s attention, educate and inform them about a product or service, solve their problems and needs, build trust and brand authority, and engage and motivate potential customers to take action.

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