How to build a career in performance marketing: tips from Lead Panda's top team

How to build a career in performance marketing: tips from Lead Panda's top team

How to get started

Many people enter the field of performance marketing on the advice of friends, through independent research of promising areas of employment, as well as because they want to work in the IT field. According to our HR manager Khrystyna, the optimal time for a beginner to enter this field is about 3 months, which allows both the employee and the company to understand whether they are a good fit, and also gives the newcomer the opportunity to form an impression of their work and decide whether to continue developing in this direction.

To successfully start a career in performance marketing, you need to have certain skills and qualities. While a lack of previous experience may seem like a barrier, there are a few key aspects to consider. Khrystyna says that experience in sales can be helpful, but it is not required. The main basic skills you need to have include the ability to use Microsoft Office programs, knowledge of languages, particularly English, as well as the ability to manage time and communicate effectively.

However, HR professionals also claim that soft skills, such as the ability to communicate, analyze, and work in a team, play a key role. In order to become an affiliate or account manager, you can start by studying materials in our media, and we also prepare a full-cycle academy. 

Key tips from an HR manager about building a career in performance marketing

  1. Don’t be afraid to try new things and believe in your abilities. Success in this industry starts with confidence in your own abilities.
  2. Develop both personally and professionally. A high level of emotional intelligence and developed analytical skills are key to success not only in performance marketing, but in any field. Constantly learn new methods, tools, and strategies.
  3. Keep up with trends and tendencies, follow the top media. Responding quickly to changes in the industry will help you stay competitive.
  4. Determine which role suits you best. Perhaps you want to develop as an affiliate manager, account manager, or focus your efforts on Business Development. Training with Lead Panda will help you make the right choice.
  5. Meet people who are already active in this field. They can share valuable advice with you and help you better understand the specifics of the job.
  6. Improve your English language skills. This is an international industry, and a good knowledge of English will help you communicate effectively with international partners and speak more confidently at conferences.

The most common myths

There are many myths surrounding the field of performance marketing. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones:

Myth #1: You get a lot of money right from the start.

Many people mistakenly believe that even beginners in this field can earn large sums of money. However, the reality is that it requires constant work and development to achieve success, including financial success.

Myth #2: This is a very difficult field, and it is difficult for a beginner to break through without experience.

Even if you are starting from scratch, there are many opportunities for learning in this field. For example, Lead Panda Media will help you gain the necessary knowledge and skills to start a career in performance marketing.

Myth #3: This is not a job for introverts.

The main thing is to be open to communication. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, it doesn’t matter. Everyone can develop communication skills while working in a team.

Do you want to start your career or climb the career ladder in performance marketing?

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