How to effectively collaborate with bloggers in traffic arbitrage

How to effectively collaborate with bloggers in traffic arbitrage

How to effectively cooperate with bloggers in traffic arbitrage

One of the most effective methods of driving traffic to arbitrage offers is cooperation with bloggers. This approach is relevant for all niches, but it is the most popular in the product and gut sectors. Nevertheless, depending on the type of offer, this model can be considered for almost any vertical.

The essence of the method is that a blogger’s page (for example, an Instagram account) acts as an advertising platform for promoting an offer. The target action here is almost always the transition to the landing page with the offer and conversion into a purchase/order/payment for services.

A promotional post is similar to native integration and is perceived by the audience with more trust than impersonal advertising. It is also important to understand that the image of the blogger himself can further increase the prestige of the product.

How to choose a blogger for cooperation


The blogger’s topic and specialization must correspond to the promoted offer. For example, if you offer fitness products, cooperation with a blogger who specializes in a healthy lifestyle will be more effective.

Audience size:

A large audience is not always a guarantee of successful cooperation. A mid-level blogger who runs an account on a narrow topic can provide more targeted leads. This is especially important if it’s a conversion that matters, not a wide audience reach.

Blogger honesty:

It is important to check the blogger and his audience. This includes identifying possible cheats, fake comments, and likes. An honest blogger will ensure greater audience trust, which will have a positive impact on the results of cooperation.

Where to look for bloggers


Find blogger options for collaboration on your own. You can do this by searching the Internet or by recommendations from friends. They must be adapted to your niche and offer.

Blogger exchanges:

Use blogger exchanges such as LabelUp, Storiesgain, and Getblogger to find bloggers with the necessary specialization. These platforms allow you to effectively find and contact potential partners.

Services for the selection of bloggers:

Use services such as TrendHERO, LiveDune, and Fakelikeinfo. They will help you find a blogger according to the required parameters and evaluate the effectiveness of cooperation with them.

Tips for choosing a blogger for cooperation


Analyze the growth dynamics of your blog using special services. Avoid bloggers with sharp growth spikes, as this may indicate that the audience is being cheated.


Check the blogger’s willingness to work with you clearly and by the brief. Your expectations should be clearly defined for a successful collaboration.

Expectation of results:

Ask the blogger about his or her projected results from the integration. An experienced blogger can share their experience and provide realistic expectations from the collaboration.

When working with bloggers, it’s important to remember that every collaboration is unique. Leave yourself room to test and adapt your strategy depending on the specific blogger and their audience.

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