In search of new solutions and ideas

In search of new solutions and ideas

In search of new solutions and ideas. How artificial intelligence will create an earthquake in the marketing world in 2024

In search of new solutions and ideas

Experts from Gartner have conducted extensive research and offered a new perspective on how marketing will work in 2024.

Gartner is a leading global information technology research and consulting company. Founded in 1979, it has more than 60,000 clients from 10,000 different organizations.

SMM marketing will lose effectiveness

By 2025, the visible deterioration in the quality of social media sites will force 50% of consumers to significantly limit their use of the main platforms.

The reason is users’ concern about the misinformation spread by GenAI.

Generative artificial intelligence will become an everyday tool

By 2026, 80% of creative talent will use GenAI daily. This will allow for more strategic work, which will lead to an increase in creative spending.

Reason: The use of GenAI in marketing will help to create creative options for personalized and deeply targeted experiences faster. This will lead to an increase in the cost of working with agencies and internal creatives on effective strategic initiatives.

The new trend is acoustic brands

By 2027, 20% of brands will focus on positioning and differentiation, which will mean the absence of artificial intelligence in their business and products.

Reason: The impact of artificial intelligence on marketing is growing. Specialists will have to accept a new challenge – to regain the trust and confidence of users.

Customer segments may change their behavior and look for “acoustic” brands without artificial intelligence that prioritizes authenticity and ethics. “Acoustic” brands will be able to stand out from the crowd and move into premium and security markets.

Google search will lose to artificial intelligence

By 2028, brands will see a 50% or more decrease in regular website traffic as consumers opt for GenAI-powered search.

Reason: The proliferation of GenAI in search engines will lead to a significant decrease in traditional search traffic for brands as users receive answers directly from artificial intelligence.

Marketing directors should be prepared for changes in revenue and customer engagement by reorganizing investments across channels and focusing on keywords to increase conversions. They may consider changing traditional communication channels.

Marketing needs unique, authentic content

By 2026, 60% of marketing directors will implement strategies such as authentic content technology, advanced monitoring, and brand approval of user-generated content. This will help protect brands from the widespread deception enabled by GenAI.

Reason: To protect their brands, organizations should emphasize the authenticity of the content and establish principles for the responsible use of GenAI.

The absence of clear norms and standards requires transparency and trust mechanisms. This encourages brands to set clear guidelines for their suppliers and agency partners by actively embedding authentic content in their technology.

So, based on these tips, marketing managers and their leadership teams will be looking for their point of reference in the potential for efficiency and creativity. The main priority is the balance between generative artificial intelligence and human-centered reality.

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