The biggest gambling scandal in US history

The biggest gambling scandal in US history

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The largest gambling scandal in history has occurred in the United States!

The biggest gambling scandal in US history

When we saw this news, we couldn’t understand for a long time – how? How could an illegal iGaming network, gambling agents, Las Vegas casinos, former athletes, baseball and basketball officials, judges, and security officials have a conflict of interest in a country with such opportunities?

We decided to look into this issue – why the biggest gambling scandal of 2024 happened, which started after a loss and a debt of more than 40 million stolen dollars. But first, let’s meet the characters.

The protagonist of the “American-style scam” is Ipei Mizuhara, a Japanese translator and confidant of the Japanese baseball player Seihei Ohtani, who plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers. The FBI took the Japanese man under investigation in 2023 when it turned out that he had been stealing money from his client Otani’s account. The translator would take money, lose it, and then “put his hand in someone else’s wallet” for an even larger sum. But this did not last long.

The biggest gambling scandal in US history

Ipei, a gambler, was constantly unlucky. He bet 160 thousand dollars at a time, but he made such bets… 25 times a day! But the most interesting thing is that he played slots that are illegal in the United States. The money melted like ice in the sun, and he was afraid to steal from the athlete. Then Ipei started to play on credit, and very quickly accumulated a debt of almost 50 million dollars to a gambling agent. By the way, the gambling agent who accepted money from the Japanese through illegal schemes turned out to be a gambling addict and lost almost 8 million in a year at Resorts World Las Vegas.

Another “player” in this story is Scott Sibella, President and COO of Resorts World Las Vegas. In order not to lose VIP players with high stakes, he fraudulently increased casino profit indicators and accepted depots without KYC/AML. Thus, all participants avoided checks.

The excitement around the scam grew rapidly. As a result, the scandal grew so much that the feds began to dig deeper and found an entire illegal iGaming network that even included Hollywood actors, such as the star of the Two Guns movie Mark Wahlberg.

The investigation is ongoing, as the FBI will have to unravel such a large-scale gambling scam for a long time. The beneficiaries and organizers of the scheme have not yet been found, but some small “fish” are already on trial. We still have to find out how big this network will turn out to be. And we will follow the investigation and be sure to tell you everything.

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