White Page — salvation from bans

White Page — salvation from bans

Every webmaster has at least once encountered black or gray offerers. If your offerer violates the rules of the advertising platform, the interests of the advertiser, or special requirements of the GEO, then after checking your advertising campaign you can block your account. The ban can be imposed either by live moderators and advertisers or by automated algorithms and bots that scan content.

To avoid such situations, cloaking is used: instead of a real landing page (black page), the moderator sees a White Page. For clarity of terminology: White Page, Safe Page, white page, or whites are synonyms.

But the question arises: if the moderator sees an allowed product and the ad leads to a forbidden product, what does the user see when he clicks on the ad and how does he find this forbidden product? This is where webmasters use cloaca and Black Pages.

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White page and Black page: what’s the difference?

White page and Black page are two key elements in traffic arbitrage, especially when dealing with gray and black offers.

White page (white page) is the page that ad platform moderators see when they check your campaign. It contains content that is fully compliant with the rules and policies of the ad platform or search engine. This page is shown to bots and moderators to pass validation.

A black page (black page) is a page that contains products or services that violate the rules of the advertising platform. Users see this page after clicking on the advertisement. Black pages are often used in gray and black verticals and can lead to account lockout due to banned content.

Use of Black Page in arbitrage

The black page is part of the cloaking technique, a gray scheme that allows you to bypass moderation. When clicking on a “questionable” ad, leads end up on a Black page with a banned offer.

The black page is a gray scheme that bypasses moderation.

Experienced arbitrageurs often resort to cloaking, as the moderation of advertising campaigns is unpredictable and it is almost impossible to work exclusively in white. This is especially true when creating a White Page for Facebook, where moderation is characterized by strict rules.

The Role of the White Page in Gray Verticals

When working with gray verticals, arbitrageurs always use the White page. Offers in such verticals often violate the rules of advertising platforms. For example, when running contextual ads on Google, social networks (especially Facebook), or native networks, creating and using a White page allows you to pass moderation and avoid instant blocking.

The black page is created with maximum sharpening for the offerer, as it is visible only to users and does not fall under direct moderation. This allows arbitrageurs to offer more attractive and often banned products, tricking the moderation system and effectively attracting the target audience.

Banned offender categories typically include:

  • adult goods and services (some product-offers, adult);
  • gambling (gambling, betting);
  • microcredits, loans, loans (financial services).

There are categories of offers with certain restrictions:

  • cryptocurrency (financial sphere);
  • financial and insurance products and services (financial services);
  • health (nutraceuticals);
  • dating (dating);

How to create a White Page?

  1. Follow the requirements of advertising platforms. When advertising on social media, be sure to include a section on the landing page with a privacy policy and a notice about the collection and processing of personal data.
  2. Create original content. Spay services can be useful for getting ideas, but it’s best to use them only for inspiration and creating your unique material.
  3. Use a trusted domain and create X and Facebook accounts.
  4. Test pages thoroughly before launching ad campaigns to ensure they comply with ad platform policies and effectively drive conversions.

White Page Creation Services

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular White Page creation services


White Page — salvation from bans

WhiteGen is a white page generator for Facebook, TikTok, Google, and MyTarget platforms developed by ABT Development.

White pages created by this generator are adaptive and texts are checked for stop words. Each site includes a privacy policy, terms of use, and cookie policy. The generator can create sites for any geographic region and in different languages. Supported verticals include sweepstakes, gut, products, gambling, and others.

You can order a white page through a chatbot in Telegram (in quick mode). While chatting with the bot, you need to specify language, vertical, geography, sample creatives, comments, and other data. After generation, a zip file is provided for downloading and uploading. The time to create a white page is 30-40 minutes.

Cost: $5 per white page.

Ads Approved

White Page — salvation from bans

Ads Approved – is a service specializing in creating high-quality white pages. All sites are created manually with unique content, eliminating standardization and blocking risks. We develop high-quality white pages that guarantee moderation and long-term life thanks to the built-in system of filtering unwanted traffic based on artificial intelligence.


White Page — salvation from bans

WP offers the automatic creation of original traffic arbitrage pages known as White Pages with features:

  • Create a complete website consisting of a minimum of 7 pages.
  • Guaranteed uniqueness of each article and image.
  • Convenient download via zip archive containing the source code of the generated White Page in PHP/HTML formats.
  • All White Pages include the necessary information: privacy policy, terms of use, and cookie collection data.
  • Access to over 20 topics in 38 languages for maximum personalization.
  • White Pages are successfully moderated by Google and Facebook

Money Safe

White Page — salvation from bans

Money Safe is high-quality White Pages with unique content and templates to ensure successful pouring in all traffic sources. It will save you precious time and money.

For $25 you get:

  • White Hosting on Money Safe;
  • Defunct domain that affects trust;
  • 1 year of use;
  • Multipage website;
  • Ability to choose a theme of your choice;
  • Support for all languages.


White Page is not a universal arbitrage solution. It is a method of spoofing content on websites that aims to effectively drive traffic to successfully pass the approval of advertising campaigns on various platforms. In the context of gray and black offers, where goods and services are offered that are restricted by the platform’s advertising policy, it is especially in demand.

But as in all areas of arbitrage, there is no one-size-fits-all recipe for success. Each approach needs to be continually tested, as well as updated, given the highly dynamic nature of change in this field.

There is no one-size-fits-all recipe for success.

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