Top 3 tricks of effective traffic generation from cheap sources

Top 3 tricks of effective traffic generation from cheap sources

Do you want to make a profit without spending a lot of money? In this article, we’re going to tell you about effective techniques for running ads through affordable channels such as push, pop, and banner networks. Applying these strategies will help you increase the click-through rate of your ads, traffic quality, and overall profitability of your advertising campaigns in budget media.

How to use push ads

Top 3 tricks of effective traffic generation from cheap sources

Push advertising is a method of promotion through messages. Traditional push notifications are seen by users on Android devices and computers, while a special in-page format has been developed for iOS when notifications are displayed directly on web pages.

We share key tips based on the experience of our partner:

  • Freshness of the subscriber base. Subscriber activity is higher if the database is updated regularly. Experiment with different databases and audiences to determine the most responsive ones.
  • Active testing. Push notifications quickly lose their relevance, so you need to update creatives frequently. It is recommended to run at least 10 ads simultaneously to find the most effective ones.
  • Payment models. Start with pay-per-click push ads to avoid losing your budget quickly. Switch to pay-per-impression only after confirming the effectiveness of your strategies.
  • Schedule of impressions. It is best to show ads during peak hours of user activity, for example, in the evening or during lunchtime, and turn them off at night to avoid losing attention among many other messages.
  • Optimization by source. Regularly remove ineffective sources from the rotation, focusing on quality audiences. Sometimes you can request special lists for different types of offers from the source support.
  • Creative content. Aim to concentrate on the key message at the beginning of the text. Use 1-2 unique selling propositions (USPs) in each advertising creative, avoiding information overload.
  • Message imitation. The push format works well for imitating system messages or messages from real people, which is especially relevant for promoting apps or data services.
  • Protection against bots. Monitor analytics and disable ineffective sources with suspicious activity. Install protection, such as CloudFlare, on your landing pages to maintain traffic quality.

Improve the effectiveness of popunder ads

Top 3 tricks of effective traffic generation from cheap sources

Popunder and popup are intrusive advertising formats in which the landing page acts as a creative and opens either under or above the active browser window after the user’s first click or when he is about to close the page. These methods undoubtedly attract attention but can irritate the audience.

Promotion strategies using popunder ads:

  1. Use of prelinks. Similar to push notifications, prelinks quickly lose their relevance. It is recommended to prepare and regularly update a lot of prelendings for effective testing.
  2. Capturing the user’s attention. Don’t forget that you have only a few seconds to attract and keep the visitor’s attention. Engaging interactive elements such as tests, game mechanics, exclusive offers, or headlines that spark interest can play a key role.
  3. Preloading compactness. The preference is for short, single-screen preloads that are easy to engage with, load quickly, and are easier to keep up to date.
  4. Builds trust. Imitating the appearance of a page to a popular resource in the region and using domains that are perceived as reliable help build trust in your site.
  5. Performance optimization. Pages should load without delay, otherwise the visitor will close them before they are fully loaded. Use performance analysis tools such as Google PageSpeed Insights to optimize and fix errors.
  6. Traffic segmentation. Separate testing of mobile and desktop traffic is important, as the effectiveness of popunder ads can vary significantly depending on the type of device.
  7. Button visibility. Placing buttons in a prominent place, especially in the middle of the page, increases the likelihood of conversion.

These approaches will help make your popunder ads less intrusive and more attractive to users.

Features of banner advertising

Top 3 tricks of effective traffic generation from cheap sources

Banner ads include graphic ads that are placed on various Internet platforms. These ads are divided into teasers and native formats, the main difference between which lies in the design specifications. Advertising banners can be static images or animated.

Recommendations for the effective use of banner ads:

  • New channels and clickbait. This approach is one of the most effective for attracting attention through banners. Traffic from such resources needs additional “warming up”, so you should reduce the mention of sales and special offers in your advertising messages.
  • Placement on premium resources. Placement of banners on sites with high authority, although it costs 20-30% more, attracts more valuable leads.
  • Selecting the location of the banner. Ideally, place the banner on the top or middle of the page, away from other ads, to maximize attention.
  • Minimalism in the text. Banners should not be overloaded with text; it is better to use one influential call to action. The clarity of the font and color contrast will help viewers perceive the information more easily.
  • Animation length. Animated banners should be short – no more than 3-5 seconds, so as not to tire the viewer and maintain their interest.
  • Avoid flickering. The use of flickering, bright colors can irritate and repel the audience, so it is better to refuse such methods.
  • Optimize the size of banners. The smaller the size of advertising materials, the faster they load, increasing the likelihood of viewing them.


Budget advertising can also be effective. We hope that these recommendations will improve the effectiveness of your push notification, banner, and pop-up campaigns, making them more profitable!

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