What is a CPA grid?

What is a CPA grid?

CPA networks act as an intermediary that connects advertisers using the CPA model with arbitrageurs.

These affiliate networks aggregate a variety of offers that are made available to arbitrageurs in a convenient, centralized location, making it easier to find the right offer in a particular niche.

Typically, CPA networks focus on working in one or more specialized verticals to provide a better selection of offserts.

CPA (cost per action) refers to the price per targeted action taken by a user. This can include a variety of activities such as purchasing a product, providing contact information (pay per lead) or installing a mobile app.

The company independently determines the type of targeted action for the CPA model, including:

  • Lead: Obtaining customer contact information by filling out a form.
  • Installing an application or program: Registering the download of a software product.
  • Order Completion or Product Purchase: Capture the transaction or product purchase by the customer.
  • Calling a company: Request to contact an organization by phone.
  • Ordering a Callback: Initiation of a request for feedback by the customer.
  • View a specific page or section on the site: For example, price list, catalog, banner, etc.

In contrast to pay per clicks or impressions, where it is difficult to assess the real effectiveness of an advertising campaign (due to the lack of a guarantee of a targeted action), the CPA model provides an accurate understanding of the cost of attracting one real customer.

CPA is calculated using the following formula:

  • CPA = advertising costs / number of actions

What is a CPA grid?

CPA Model Features

The main advantage of CPA marketing is that the advertiser only pays for actual results, not for impressions or clicks. However, there is also a disadvantage related to the human factor: in this sphere there can be scammers who create low-quality traffic.

There are two main types of payment rates in the CPA model: fixed rate and percentage of sale. A flat rate makes sense when there is a certainty of payback, such as when selling standardized products. For example, if you sell training courses priced from 3500 to 5000 hryvnias, a fixed rate of 350 hryvnias will be justified regardless of the cost of the course.

In the case of an online store with a wide range of prices, it is preferable to negotiate remuneration as a percentage of the sale. In this situation, the agent will be interested in getting the customer to make a larger purchase, since his income is directly related to the size of the transaction.

What is a CPA grid?

Spheres of application of the CPA model

The CPA model finds application in various areas of internet marketing. It is especially effective for companies offering products or services that are in mass demand and have a wide reach. These areas typically include online retailers, online gaming platforms, betting companies, travel agencies, ticket and hotel booking services, and online education.

CPA model is less suitable for businesses specializing in narrowly focused products or B2B market. For example, for manufacturers of industrial equipment or refrigeration systems, using CPA may be ineffective.

The key to using a CPA model is the ability to clearly track targeted actions.

The CPA model can work both directly with advertising platforms and through specialized CPA networks.

What is a CPA affiliate program?

CPA affiliate programs are marketing cooperation systems where remuneration is paid for specific user actions taken on the recommendation of a partner. These actions may include:

  • Purchase of products or services;
  • Registration on websites, applications or services;
  • Subscription to educational programs or courses;
  • Applying for financial services such as loans or insurance;
  • Downloading files, applications, e-books or coupons;
  • Filling out online forms.

Affiliates attract potential customers for the advertiser and get paid when the customer completes the targeted action. The CPA affiliate program is based on an offer – a document that defines the terms of cooperation, including the amount of remuneration, the required action from the user, the link to attract traffic, as well as restrictions and acceptable methods of promotion. Also, high-quality CPA networks provide advertising materials, such as widgets or banners, for the convenience and efficiency of partners.

For those who are looking for reliable and profitable CPA affiliate programs, Lead Panda offers a wide range of offers in various niches. On the Lead Panda CPA Affiliate Programs page, you will find many opportunities for cooperation that will help you maximize your income. With Lead Panda, you will have access to high-quality advertising materials, as well as support and tools for successful marketing and customer acquisition, making cooperation with this platform an effective and profitable choice for CPA marketing partners.


What is CPA in affiliate programs?
CPA (Cost Per Action or Pay Per Action) in affiliate programs is a model in which an affiliate is rewarded for a certain action performed by a target user. These actions can include buying, registering, filling out a form, downloading a file and other activities that are required by the advertiser.

What are some CPA networks?
There are many CPA networks offering various affiliate programs in many niches. Some well-known CPA networks include MaxBounty, ClickBooth, PeerFly, Admitad, Leadbit, and Lead Panda. These networks provide a wide range of traffic monetization offers and tools.

What is a CPA system?
A CPA system is a platform or network that connects advertisers with partners (affiliates), offering them rewards for actions taken by referred users. The system provides tracking of user actions, correct charging of commissions and provision of necessary tools and analytics to optimize advertising campaigns.

What are some affiliate programs for arbitrage?
There are specialized affiliate programs for traffic arbitrage that allow you to maximize your profits from your advertising campaigns. Popular platforms for arbitrage include AdCombo, ZorbasMedia, M1-shop, Admitad, and many niche affiliates that specialize in certain types of products or services. These affiliates provide affiliates with a variety of offers and support various traffic monetization models, including CPA.

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