Affiliate dating. The best affiliate Dating programs and their rating

Affiliate dating. The best affiliate Dating programs and their rating

The online dating industry overtook the porn business in terms of volume back in 2010, and in 2017, the volume reached more than five billion dollars. This is a stable and legal business where traffic acquisition specialists can earn from $1,405 in 10 days to 1,700,000 rubles in six months. The audience of people looking for a partner for communication, sex, or a life partner online is constantly growing. According to statistics, 34% of Internet users in Russia have used the services of dating sites.

According to Social Discovery Ventures, the online dating market is worth $50,000,000, with more than 11 million users actively using it every month. Webmasters and arbitrageurs can direct traffic to online dating offers and earn steadily in this market, which is growing by 8.9% annually.

Affiliate dating programs pay rewards for attracting new users, as registration in such services is free, and the target audience is actively looking for this service. Therefore, you just need to direct a single user to your affiliate link.

There are two areas of online dating:

  • Services for finding a husband or wife;
  • Adult-dating – dating for flirting and sex.

According to experienced arbitrageurs, the second type is easier to start and has more potential.Types of affiliate dating programs and traffic sources

Arbitrageurs can direct traffic to offers in CPA networks. Our catalog of dating site offers contains offers from advertisers for different geographies. The target audience for earning money in affiliate dating programs is men aged 25 to 60, residents of Western Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Affiliate dating. The best affiliate Dating programs and their rating

There are usually two purposes paid for:

  • For registration, in the amount of $1-$6 per questionnaire, for example, Anastasia Date offer;
  • For paying for the service, $40-$48 per order. For example, the offer of Mature Dating UK.

There are also specialized affiliate programs for dating. For example, ProfitSocial accepts traffic from 150 countries and offers partners more than 1,500 offers.

The official AdWords and myTarget exchanges prohibit dating ads, and Facebook requires an application and written permission, which makes this traffic source practically inaccessible in reality.

The main sources of traffic for dating offers are:

  • Teaser networks;
  • Own websites or social media communities;
  • Publications in social media groups;
  • Spam in social networks or messengers

As a rule, advertisers do not allow the use of traffic from the dorway. Therefore, such traffic can only be used through your own website.

An important feature that facilitates the work of an arbitrageur is smartlink. For a partner, this means sending all targeted visitors without segmentation to one URL. The affiliate program rotator distributes traffic to different landing pages.

Since companies have extensive statistics on audience segments and conversions, in each case, an individual visitor will be shown the most effective promo based on age, GEO, device parameters, conversion data, and other parameters.

Affiliate dating. The best affiliate Dating programs and their rating

Data Partners

Affiliate programs for dating sites, also known as dating affiliates, are an opportunity to make money on web resources dedicated to dating and couples’ services. Some examples of popular dating affiliate programs include:

  • Adult Friend Finder: This program specializes in adult dating and has a large number of offers and categories to promote.
  • CrakRevenue: This network specializes in adult affiliate marketing and has various offers in this field.
  • This affiliate program offers promotion of, a dating site that specializes in dating and communication.
  • BeNaughty: This program helps affiliates make money from dating and entertainment.
  • 3snet: A large and popular affiliate program that specializes in geo-traffic for dating sites. 3snet provides a variety of offers and support for arbitrageurs and webmasters who want to promote dating sites and earn income by registering new users and paying for paid services.
  • Justcash: a debit card company is an important player in the world of affiliate marketing. Justcash specializes in the acquisition of data traffic and offers a wide range of offers for promotion.
  • Paysale: is another important player in the world of online debit card processing. Paysale is known for its efficient tracking system that helps affiliates maximize their profits.
  • Affiliate Program: If you’re looking for a more general audience, you may want to consider the Affiliate Program, which specializes in serious relationships.
  • EliteSingles Affiliate Program: This program helps affiliates promote EliteSingles, which specializes in dating for the upper class.
  • Ashley Madison Affiliate Program: This program is for Ashley Madison, which is known for its offbeat, adventure-seeking audience.

Before joining an affiliate program, always read the terms and conditions carefully, and study the details of the payment procedure and commission structure to understand which program is best suited for your traffic arbitrage and earning goals.

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