Revealing the secrets of the east: What Azerbaijan geo hides

Revealing the secrets of the east: What Azerbaijan geo hides

If you are just getting acquainted with affiliate marketing or looking to break new ground, start by looking at Azerbaijan geo. Given its history, this country is included in the Tier 3 group, but note that Azerbaijan is moving forward rapidly and may soon be in a higher tier.

By its parameters, Azerbaijan may seem a bit complicated for newcomers due to its unique characteristics. However, at the same time, it offers less competition compared to other countries in its Tier. So, let’s take a closer look at what you need to know about this country.

Overview and target audience

Azerbaijan has an official language, Azerbaijani. Although there is a misconception that Russian is widely spoken, it is spoken only by some people who migrated during the Soviet era and a small part of the older generation. Given the sensitive attitude to the Russian language among the locals, it is necessary to take this into account in creatives.

According to 2024 data, the population of Azerbaijan reaches 10.4 million, most of whom are concentrated in such megacities as Baku, Lankaran, Sumgayit, and the suburbs. A significant number of solvent citizens live in these cities, so it makes no sense to pour funds into smaller settlements.

The official currency of the state is the Azerbaijani manat (AZN), with an exchange rate of 1 to 0.59 to the dollar. The average income of the population is $543, with a large difference in earnings between villages and large cities.

Revealing the secrets of the east: What Azerbaijan geo hides

Country features

The country has unique cultural traditions, including a strong attachment to religion. The majority of Azerbaijanis are Muslims, which is important to consider when creating creatives, especially during Ramadan, when it is recommended to refrain from active advertising due to low conversions.

The geographical location of the solvent population also affects marketing: in large cities, the majority of the solvent population is concentrated, while in villages, there is a higher interest in making quick money.

In the context of affiliate marketing, this knowledge allows you to effectively set up advertising campaigns. Finance and cryptocurrencies are better promoted in metropolitan areas, while gambling may be more successful in rural areas. Dealing is better targeted at urban populations, while gut feelings work well across the country.

Sports play a big role in the country’s culture, especially football. Betting is actively growing during international events, even if the national team does not participate in them. In addition to football, chess, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics, and athletics are also popular in Azerbaijan, which expands the betting opportunities.

Respect for elders and family values are important in social relationships, which should also be taken into account when pouring, especially in debit card transactions.

Revealing the secrets of the east: What Azerbaijan geo hides

Peculiarities of creatives

The main sources of traffic are Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube. In Azerbaijan, emotions play a key role, so creatives should be rich and emotional accordingly. Video and voiceover are a priority, as text-based creatives are less effective here. It is important that advertising matches the gender of the target audience, as men trust men more and women trust women more. The use of influencers, especially local celebrities, can significantly increase conversions.

  • Gambling. It is effective in showing people winning large sums with extremely vivid emotions, sometimes even with elements of replay. It is also important to include bonus offers, for example, offering 500 free spins.
  • Betting. This strategy is similar to gambling but with an emphasis on outstanding sporting events, such as decisive moments in football matches or chess tournaments. The key is emotional moments and bonuses.
  • Finance and crypto. These two categories are united because of a similar approach in big cities where the target audience is looking for luxury. They want to see creatives that reflect success, expensive cars, and large sums of money.
  • Dating and adult. A simple approach for a male audience of 30+ from big cities. For dating, you should show women of oriental appearance, for an adult – Slavic. This is not a universal recipe, so we recommend testing.
  • Nutra. A popular category across the country. Men 35+ appreciate products for sports and health (for baldness, potency, hemorrhoids), and women 30+ – products for weight loss and self-care. It is important to emphasize the naturalness of the products and their effectiveness using the “Before” and “After” comparisons.


Azerbaijan is a territory with a unique mentality, where a large envelope is guaranteed with the right approach. It is important to understand in detail the peculiarities of the daily life of residents and choose the best niche and time to launch an advertising campaign. The standard of living, access to the Internet, and other benefits in this country are much higher than many other Tier 3 countries. Nevertheless, these features often scare arbitrageurs away from working with this GEO.

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