Geo analysis: Nigeria

Geo analysis: Nigeria

Nigeria, with a population of 216 million people, occupies a significant place in the world ranking. Of these, 110 million actively use the Internet, and 15% are registered in social networks.

Statistics of gender distribution:

  • Men – 50.6%
  • Women – 49.4%

In terms of economic ranking, Nigeria is classified as a Tier-3 country in terms of solvency. Among the economically developed states are Imo, Oyo, Delta, Rivers, and Lagos.

List of the most popular social networks

  • WhatsApp
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

The official currency is the Nigerian naira.

Languages spoken

English is the official language, but other languages such as Edo, Efik, Klao, Mbay, Bagirmi, and sign language are also widely spoken. Most locals are bilingual, however, it is recommended to use English for advertising banners as it is commonly spoken by the majority of the population.

In creatives, arbitrageurs often use both naira and US dollars. English is the official language, so its use in creatives is widespread. However, various local dialects and lesser-known languages such as Klao, Bahirmi, and Mbai are also spoken in the country. Locals sometimes use gestures to communicate, which is a legacy of ancient times. In total, there are more than 500 different languages in the country.

What to pour on Nigeria?

Nigeria is a country that has been discovered relatively recently by arbitrageurs, marketers, and other online professionals. The relative newness of the market makes locals more open and less skeptical of new offers on the Internet, as they are not oversaturated with promotions. What can be poured on Nigeria – let’s figure it out.


The main categories of nutra offers that show the highest conversion when pouring on Nigeria:

  • Body and skin care products. Despite stereotypes, products for increasing male strength show a high CTR. Skin-lightening creams are also popular among Nigerians seeking to meet European beauty standards.
  • Habit remedies. Because a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition are not so common, many people in the country smoke, which makes products to combat smoking and alcoholism very popular.
  • Products for weight loss. On the contrary, weight loss products are not very popular here, as the local population is often proud of their shape and does not seek weight loss.
  • In the context of rapid economic growth and low living standards, many Nigerians face basic problems such as a lack of sewage and electricity. The tropical climate is conducive to insect breeding, making health products such as parasite repellents very popular.

This is a basic guide to what product categories can be successfully sold in Nigeria, taking into account the cultural and economic characteristics of the country.

Gambling and betting

Nigerians are known for their propensity to gamble, but the average size of their deposits leaves much to be desired. When driving traffic to gambling and betting websites, it is recommended to use the CPA model. Residents of Nigeria often play in casinos and place bets in the hope of a quick profit. In this regard, when developing creatives, it is advisable to focus on the prospect of obtaining significant benefits in a short time.

Adult: dating, services, and products for adults

Products and services for the adult audience find a different response depending on cultural and regional characteristics. For example, in the northern regions of the country, where Muslim and traditional views prevail, the promotion of adult content and products is difficult. In other parts of the country, however, adult content, including dating sites and adult products, may be of great interest.

The situation is similar to de-identification. In Nigeria, for example, caution should be exercised: the use of images of both white and black women may be appropriate in creatives, but gay dating is not likely to find wide support.


Nigerians are known to live with limited financial resources, which makes them particularly susceptible to free offers. This combination of the economic situation and the relatively new use of the Internet leads to increased gullibility. This is why sweepstakes, or prize draws, are extremely effective in promoting goods and services in Nigeria.

The advertised prize can be anything from a new iPhone to gift cards. Nigerians respond enthusiastically to any offer that promises something for nothing, happily clicking on ads in the hope of getting lucky.

Utilities and antiviruses

In the context of Nigeria, where mobile internet accounts for 97% of all traffic and where users are highly trusting, antivirus protection programs can be of great interest to the population. It is important to emphasize the risk that a device can be exposed to – an item that is often not easily purchased. To attract attention in Nigeria, it is typical to use an operating system icon combined with a warning about a critical security threat to the device.


In Nigeria, the level of education is not high, forcing many people who strive for financial success to look for ways to learn and develop themselves. In search of opportunities to increase their income, they are exploring various investment areas, including trading, cryptocurrencies, and real estate investments. Among other options, cryptocurrencies seem particularly attractive due to the potential for quick enrichment, despite the high complexity and risks associated with trading and investments in general.


With a small amount of money, but a great desire to buy a variety of small things, locals are often guided by the principle of “I want everything at once”. With limited access to a variety of products, they actively use the Internet to buy everything they have never encountered before, from stylish accessories from Aliexpress to Lucky Charms.

Nigeria also has a deep-rooted tradition of lavish weddings. Newlyweds and their families often spend years of savings on organizing the celebration. Therefore, wedding products are in high demand and promise good sales in the local market.


Geo Nigeria has a high population density and is a promising region for arbitrage operations. By applying the recommendations from this article when working with the Nigerian market, you can significantly increase your chances of success and profit!

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