Which vertical is best for a newcomer to arbitration

Which vertical is best for a newcomer to arbitration

In this article, we will tell you about the best (in our opinion) vertical where a beginner arbitrageur can earn his first money

Product offer: main aspects and characteristics

Which vertical is best for a newcomer to arbitration

Product offers are special campaigns provided by advertisers that affiliates can use to attract audiences through their platforms, such as websites or social media. To qualify as product-based, the offer must include elements related to the sale of physical goods or services, as well as subscriptions to services or app downloads. Affiliates earn remuneration for each targeted user action (models such as CPA, CPS, CPI, and CPL) or based on a share of revenue (RevShare).

Arbitrageurs determine which offer is the best fit for their traffic and then launch campaigns to generate revenue using the difference between the cost of user acquisition and the payout from the advertiser.

Advantages of product offers for arbitrageurs

  • Increased conversion rate. Product offers usually have high conversion rates because they are aimed at a clearly defined audience with specific needs.
  • Good payouts. Advertisers often offer generous rewards for each qualifying action performed by visitors, which ensures favorable payouts to arbitrageurs.
  • A variety of offers. The marketplace offers a wide range of product offers, allowing arbitrageurs to choose the best options for their traffic, including beauty, health, household, or youth products.
  • Easy implementation. Arbitrageurs do not need to develop their products or services, which significantly reduces investment in development and production.
  • Potential for scaling. Successful product offers can be scaled up, increasing traffic and, consequently, profits, thanks to an effective marketing strategy and campaign management.

Types of product offers in arbitrage

The classification of offers in traffic arbitrage is divided into two categories: white and gray offers.

  • White offers are offers that fully comply with the standards of advertising services and legislation. These offers usually have a high conversion rate and profit potential.
  • Gray offers are offers that may be on the edge or outside the rules of advertising platforms and laws. They can offer high revenue but are associated with the possibility of account blocking and fines.

When choosing offers for arbitrage, it is important to assess the potential risks associated with conditionally legal offers. It is recommended to work with reliable advertisers and constantly monitor changes in the policies of advertising platforms.

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