Portugal: overview of geo and the most profitable niches

Portugal: overview of geo and the most profitable niches

If you are new to the nutraceuticals industry or plan to be actively involved in this area, pay attention to Portugal as one of the most promising geographical destinations in the spring and summer of 2024. This market is characterized by a low degree of competition at high initial rates. In this article, we will provide detailed information about this region, recommend the best sources to get started, and indicate which strategies and creatives in advertising campaigns are worth testing today.

Portugal: General about geo

Portugal is a Tier-2 country in Europe with an economically active population that is actively interested in high-quality health and wellness products. The level of medical services here is average, and the cost of medical services is quite high, which encourages residents to buy health products online.

The population is approximately 10.46 million people, of which 84.5% actively use the Internet.

The official currency is the euro. The main language is European Portuguese, which should be distinguished from the Brazilian version of Portuguese when localizing materials.

The average monthly salary is about €1,300, of which up to 50% can be taxed, so the real take-home income remains in the region of €600-700. Residents of the northern regions of the country usually have higher effective demand than residents of the less affluent south, where unemployment is higher.

The largest cities include Lisbon, Porto, Cascais, Sintra, Braga, Coimbra, and Leiria.

Peculiarities of the target audience in Portugal

Nutra is one of the leading niches in the Portuguese market, along with niches such as gambling and sports betting. Socio-economic indicators such as income, education, and living standards are characterized as average. When faced with health or appearance problems, the Portuguese often resort to searching for solutions on the Internet. Research shows that approximately 86% of internet users actively search for product information, and 81% regularly shop online, with mobile internet being used more often than desktop computers.

The age structure of the Portuguese population shows that teenagers and young people make up a smaller part of the population compared to adults. Shopping is mostly done by people whose average age is 42.2. It is at this age that healthcare needs often arise. In Portugal, products for weight loss, rejuvenation, and improvement of men’s and women’s health, as well as products for the treatment of hypertension, vision and hearing problems, diabetes, joints, parasites, and fungi are popular.

Many Portuguese consume large quantities of port and Madeira, as well as junk food, which leads to cardiovascular disease and obesity. According to the WHO, about half of the adult population is overweight. Joint problems, such as knees and back, are most common in people over 45.

The cultural peculiarity of the Portuguese is calmness and slowness, which affects the nature of work, often paid by the hour. It also manifests itself in the habit of being late for work and delaying deadlines, which can also affect purchasing decisions. Therefore, it is effective to focus on deadlines and special offers in advertising materials.

How to make effective creatives for the Portuguese market

  • Underline the benefits. Given that salaries in Portugal are relatively low, most people are looking to save money. Using elements such as discounts, bonuses, promotional offers, and gifts can significantly increase interest in purchasing.
  • Timing. Messaging that a promotion will end soon or prices will increase can stimulate a purchase decision. Effective tools here are countdown timers and mentions that the product is running out, indicating a specific number of available units.
  • Provide evidence. Consumers in Portugal prefer to make informed choices supported by information. It’s important to highlight key benefits and advantages, present factual data and testimonials, and refute possible objections.
  • Full information about the product. It is important to provide comprehensive information about the product, including its composition, emphasize its naturalness, and indicate contraindications and safety of use. It is useful to explain how the product solves a specific user problem, as well as provide credible reviews from other customers.
  • Specify the time frame. Effectively communicate how quickly a product can solve a customer’s problem or help with an illness.
  • Traditional and proven methods. In Portugal, restraint and functionality without unnecessary pathos are valued. Approaches focused on the direct benefit of the product without extravagance usually work best. The use of a news style with high-quality photos and videos, as well as the traditional “before and after” approach is effective.

These approaches should be adapted to specific products and target audiences, taking into account local cultural and economic characteristics.


Portugal is a profitable destination that we recommend for active market operations, especially nowadays, when the country is popular and provides excellent opportunities for earning money. Among the advantages are a solvent population that is interested in beauty and health products, significant volumes of Internet traffic, favorable terms of cooperation, including exclusive tariffs and limits, as well as a variety of popular topics in the nutrition and health niche, which create ideal conditions for making a profit.

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