Preparing the site for updated Google algorithms: Top 3 tips

Preparing the site for updated Google algorithms: Top 3 tips

More than 3000 thousand releases per year and at least 5 changes per day! That’s how many times Google releases algorithm improvements on average during the day.

Preparing the site for updated Google algorithms: Top 3 tips

Preparing the site for updated Google algorithms: Top 3 tips

“Every day, Google typically releases one or more changes aimed at improving results. Some of them are aimed at specific improvements. Some are general changes. Last week we released a broad update to the core algorithm. We do this several times a year.”This is how Google commented on its position in 2018.

That’s why Google Core Update is a hot topic for discussion among all arbitrageurs and SEOs. Some people are lucky and their sites suddenly hit the top, others lose traffic or even cease to exist. Website owners are panicking and clutching their heads, not knowing what to do. We have collected top 5 tips on how to prepare your website for Google algorithm updates.

Google’s updates, launched in March 2024, are primarily aimed at improving algorithms that will help the search engine to get less spam, unoriginal and unnecessary content. A Google spokesperson told the BBC that the company firmly believes that the changes to the search algorithm will benefit the Internet and that this is just the beginning. Last week, Google CEO Sundar Pichai spoke at the company’s annual developer conference and announced one of the most significant steps in the search engine’s history.

“In the future, Google search will provide custom answers to many of your questions generated by artificial intelligence. This feature, called AI Overviews, is already available to users in the United States. The result is a product that does the work for you,” Pichai said.

This new feature and the ongoing updates represent a significant “shift in the SEO landscape.” Unfortunately, with these updates, you won’t be able to simply change a couple of options and expect to see an immediate improvement in your rankings. The ideal solution is to prepare thoroughly for the next round of updates. If you follow our advice, you will receive bonuses that will pleasantly surprise you.

So, in order not to get under the “skating rink” Google updates and not to lose your site…

Create original content

We do not recommend cooperating with copywriters who take large amounts of work for a low feethey are guaranteed to be of poor quality. Google will probably consider them as spam. It is advisable that your articles are written not for SEO, but for your customers, users, or subscribers. That is, they should be relevant, interesting, and “easy” to read, and evoke empathy from the user. Yes, it will cost more, but you will have to spend much more to regain your site’s lost positions. If you have such content on your site, you should remove or change it.

Preparing the site for updated Google algorithms: Top 3 tips

Check content from other sources

Unfortunately, sometimes advertisers or partners are not responsible for the articles they submit for publication, especially when it comes to links. Such materials may not be unique enough or contain fake advice. It is also ideal that guest posts do not contradict the main theme of the site. By the way, you can easily check affiliate posts for the use of AI by using AI Content Detector.

Preparing the site for updated Google algorithms: Top 3 tips

Check the theme of the old domain before buying

You have to remember – do not buy domains that have had their theme changed. If you still plan to take an old domain, be sure to check what was posted on it before. It is easy to check this on the Wayback Machine. It is desirable that the topics and direction of the site are the same. For example, if it was an online store, create an e-commerce site there.

Preparing the site for updated Google algorithms: Top 3 tips

Whether this will make our work easier or harder, we will draw conclusions after the final changes are implemented. In the meantime, use our tips and always be ready for the next update. We believe that all the innovations can significantly change the direction of SEO, the approach to advertising, and website security. In the modern world, everything can change instantly. Perhaps we will soon witness a revolution in Google.

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