Nutra: complete analysis of the vertical

Nutra: complete analysis of the vertical

What is Nutra – a complete vertical analysis

Nutra is one of the most established and traditional areas in traffic arbitrage. While new niches appear and disappear following fashion trends, Nutra steadily maintains its position in the lead. In this review, we will reveal the secrets of its popularity, and discuss the peculiarities of working in this vertical and the factors that influence success. It’s time for our readers to dive deeper into this niche. We present to your attention a detailed guide to Nutra, sharing the knowledge and experience of our team.

Features and popularity of Nutra

Nutra remains one of the most stable and long-lived areas in the world of traffic arbitrage. This niche has been afloat for years, surpassing such areas as adult, gambling (which is popular from time to time), as well as gaming and install-gaming, which have gained popularity only recently.

Nutra: complete analysis of the vertical

Some experts consider Nutra a seasonal niche, and they are not wrong. Indeed, the interest in it increases at the beginning of the year and decreases by October, which is due to two aspects. Firstly, after the New Year holidays, many people want to start a “new life” by paying attention to their health and appearance. Secondly, in winter, even in countries with mild climates, there is a decline in immunity and physical health.

But what is Nutra? This is a product niche that includes dietary supplements, non-drug immune support products, vitamin complexes, products for weight loss, hair growth, potency enhancement, and more. It also includes the category of cosmetics.

What is the difference between this product line? At first glance, it may seem ordinary. However, nutra manufacturers occupy a unique place in the market, being between the major players in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. They cannot compete directly with the industry giants, so their main strategy is to attract customers through traffic arbitrage or their marketing efforts.

The popularity of Nutra remains despite the growth of both the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. This is explained by the human desire to find a “magic cure” to solve their problems. Nutra is not a scam: Dietary supplements are safe and statistically effective, vitamin complexes contain the necessary elements, and weight loss products help in the fight against excess weight.

Categories of Nutra

Let’s systematize the different categories of Nutra to better understand how they are organized and in which of them you can develop your professional skills.

  • Diets: Includes food kits, nutritional products, and weight loss supplements. These foods and supplements are organized according to the weight loss strategy proposed in the offer. There are also diets for weight gain, although they are less common. This market is largely dominated by large players in the sports nutrition industry.
  • Skincare: Often seen as a rejuvenation category, as most products are aimed at preserving the youthfulness of the skin, moisturizing, increasing elasticity, and eliminating defects.
  • Muscle and fitness: This category partially overlaps with diets and includes sports nutrition.
  • Hair care: This category mainly consists of products for hair growth and baldness prevention, including both preventive and curative supplements.
  • Cognitive enhancement products: Known as “brain pills,” they aim to improve memory and cognitive function. This category grew in popularity after the release of the 2011 movie “Regions of Darkness.”
  • Means for male strength: Includes medications to combat erectile dysfunction and supplements to increase size, as well as various drugs that increase testosterone levels and have a positive effect on men’s health.
  • Products based on cannabidiol: A market segment built on the properties of cannabidiol, one of the cannabinoids in cannabis.
  • Covid-nutra: A new category that emerged during the pandemic, including products to strengthen the immune system and fight Covid-19.

Types of offers and payment formats in Nutra

Nutra provides different remuneration models for arbitrageurs:

  • Straight Sales: Provides for fast payouts and high commissions, but weak conversion.
  • Subscription model: Ideal for nutraceuticals, as many drugs require long-term use.
  • Cash on delivery: Suitable for regions where cash payments predominate, but have a high failure rate and delays in payments.

Traffic quality and the importance of rebates in Nutra

Traffic quality is of key importance in the backend, especially considering the specifics and cost of products. It is not enough to simply identify the target audience based on basic criteria such as geography, age, gender, behavioral characteristics, and interests. Solvency and qualitative warming up of the audience are also important.

As a rule, products in this category are rarely searched for on purpose. Yes, an existing problem may prompt a search for a hair loss product or weight loss pills online, but often purchases are made spontaneously under the influence of advertising and convincing arguments. This makes our ads and landing pages key tools for pre-heating the audience.

Working with traffic and its support in this vertical is crucial. This is especially true for rebills, which often account for a significant portion of total revenue, even when using the direct sales (SS) model. Effective rebills require high-quality traffic that creates a closed cycle.

To stimulate rebates, it is important:

  • Compliance of the product with the declared characteristics: Deceiving customers will not lead to repeat purchases. It is important to tell honestly and in detail about the product, avoiding unsubstantiated claims.
  • Effective USP (Unique Selling Proposition): Even if the customer’s landing page seems good enough, there is always room for improvement if you have ideas.
  • Customer support and maintenance: Keeping in touch with the customer, consulting, and post-purchase service can increase the number of rebills by 20-40%. It’s important that the customer feels supported by you throughout the entire course of treatment or use of the product.

The target audience in Nutra

When considering the target audience (TA) for Nutra, we face a key point: each category requires an individual approach to defining the TA. Each category has different subcategories that require separate groups of TAs. This leads to an increase in the cost of testing and analyzing different segments.

Nutra: complete analysis of the vertical

In most cases (about 80%), except for categories related to men’s health and fitness, the main target audience is women. This is because women are often more concerned not only with their appearance but also with their health, including the health of their families. Even Covid-related offers are often targeted at the female audience.

Geographic targeting (GEO) usually depends on the specific offer, but if the GEO is not clearly defined, then it is necessary to take into account the specifics of the product and its cost to determine the appropriate market. For newcomers to the field, it is often recommended to start with traffic from Tier 3 countries (TIER 3).

It is also important to take into account that about 30% of purchases in Nutra are made by people who have not previously been interested in such products. This means that, in addition to standard behavioral targeting, you need to “draw” a portrait of a potential customer who might be interested in your offer, even if they have not actively searched for such products. To create such a portrait, we analyze all the aspects provided in the offer.

Suitable traffic sources for Nutra

In the context of nutraceuticals, it is ironic that the audience needed is both conservative and ageist, even though many products in this vertical seem to be innovative in the field of alternative medicine. However, traditional medicine remains important to older people, who often become the main target audience for such products.

Generation Z youth are more focused on evidence-based medicine and individual consultations with specialists, making them a less suitable audience for Nutra offers.

However, you can still find high-quality traffic among young people, but for the most part, the main focus should be on an older audience. This is especially true for Tier 1 and Tier 2 countries (TIER 1 and TIER 2). In Tier 3 countries (TIER 3), on the contrary, the older generation is less likely to look for “magic pills,” while younger people are more active in this regard.

Platforms such as TikTok, Quora, and Twitter should be excluded from the list of potential traffic sources, as they do not fit the format and audience of Nutra. This is especially true for TikTok, where it is difficult to work with proven medicines due to the platform’s strict policy on advertising medicines.

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