India: geo analysis

India: geo analysis

India has the largest population of any country in the world. This nation, which falls into the Tier-3 category, stands out for its low level of competition in the business industry.

What attracts you to cooperate with this region?

India: geo analysis

The main factor that motivates many, especially beginners, to look for opportunities in the Indian market is the impressive number of Internet users. For example, by 2022, more than 658 million Indians were actively using the Internet.

In addition, as mentioned above, this region is favorably distinguished by the lack of strong competition. Often, marketers focus on the higher Tier-1 and Tier-2 categories, overlooking Tier-3, which can be a missed opportunity in this context.

An additional advantage is the prevalence of the English language. There is a huge audience in India, and it would be much more difficult to interact with it if the main language was only Hindi. Even though 21 languages are officially recognized in the country, a significant part of the population is fluent in English, eliminating the need for translators or specific adaptation of content to local languages.

The final argument in favor of choosing India is the affordable cost of traffic. The cost per click in this country can be surprisingly low, reaching, for example, $0.001 per click in some affiliate networks, which makes advertising campaigns particularly profitable.

India in numbers

When considering India for traffic, it is critical to take into account that although the country is characterized by a large population, it is also one of the least developed countries in the world.

India’s population reaches 1.4 billion people, of whom 658 million actively use the Internet and 467 million have social media accounts. The average age of the population is approximately 29.5 years. Characteristics of the national character include inherent trustfulness and openness. Many residents are eager to find funds to treat rare diseases or to earn huge sums of money, similar to the winnings in movie stories. This desire to get rich quickly is often associated with low incomes: the average monthly salary in India is about $115, while the minimum wage in the housing, education, trade, and services sectors is $80. At the same time, employees of government agencies can earn up to $350 per month. Users from India spend about 7 hours and 19 minutes online every day, of which 3.13 hours are spent on PCs and the rest on mobile devices.

The interests of the population vary widely, but categories such as video content, national news, and patriotism stand out. At the same time, there is a high interest in traveling within the country, which emphasizes the love of Indians for exploring their rich cultural and geographical diversity.

Features of the target audience

India: geo analysis

Indian culture is distinguished by its hospitable and open nature while combining deep religiosity. The people of this country love to spend time with friends, easily find common ground in large communities and have a unique ability to find solitude among many people due to the widespread practice of meditation and yoga.

Economic conditions in India have contributed to the accelerated spread of the Internet. By 2024, the number of Internet users in the country reached 658 million. On average, Indian residents spend less money per day on the Internet than residents of many other countries, such as Norway. However, the high volume of Internet traffic and a large number of consumers have led to the so-called “technological miracle” in India thanks to the investments of Mukesh Ambani, the founder of Jio Inforcomm Limited. By 2024, the country promises to become home to a huge number of IT professionals and offer affordable and high-speed Internet.

India ranks second in terms of the number of social networks used by one person, with 8.6 social networks per user.

Analytics from Spymetrics revealed the social media preferences of Indians, including Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Amazon, Twitter, and Xhamster (an adult website). 

Top verticals for India

Nutra, which includes products for improving body shape, dental care, hair growth, and skin care. The popularity of these products is reinforced by the social position of women, who are focused on the role of mother and housewife, which is relevant in India, especially in less affluent areas. The situation of having many children and limited career opportunities leads to a decrease in self-esteem among women, which makes them the main audience for products in this category, especially in the age group of 50 and older.

In gambling, Indian residents are looking for ways to get rich quickly through casinos, where even a small win is perceived as a chance to improve their financial situation.

Betting holds a special place among Indians, especially during the Indian Premier Cricket League. This period becomes a “golden time” for those working with sports betting due to the high popularity of cricket, celebrity endorsements, and significant public interest.

Dating/Adult also demonstrates high conversion given the prevalence of legal prostitution and the search for partners for intimate relationships due to the low standard of living in the country. Themed dating apps occupy an important place in the market.

Nightlife venues, such as clubs and bars, are popular meeting points for 18+ dating. After a decline in activity in this niche during the 2020 pandemic, there is a renewed interest in the dating segment by 2024. 

Top traffic sources in India

The top sources of traffic are context, teasers, SEO, FB, and In-App. Google works well as usual. Apart from these sources, YouTube, Instagram, and WhatsApp are the best performers. Nutra and gambling are good on FB and YouTube, and in-app is the best for de-icing.

Please note! The Indian authorities have imposed restrictions on the use of TikTok, justifying it as a measure to protect national sovereignty and territorial integrity. Due to the blocking, even bypassing it through a VPN, users from India are unable to upload video content. This opens up new prospects for advertisers, as the Indian community is more trusting of content created by people who belong to their culture. Consequently, advertising materials featuring Indians are highly effective on TikTok.


India is a leading region that attracts the attention of arbitrageurs due to the large amount of available traffic at a low price. This market has been demonstrating high conversion rates for many years, and the constant growth of the population ensures that the region remains attractive and does not exhaust its resources. The working theme is weight loss, hair care, potency, and ointments for joint pain. In gambling, the visual of wealth and easy winnings works best. Debit cards is a demonstration of canonical Indian beauty.

Launch your campaigns in India and see stunning results soon!

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