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Main functions of SessionBox service

SessionBox is a tool that allows you to use multiple browser profiles directly from your browser, even in a single window. It provides management of multiple accounts from a single browser window, which is convenient for organizing work with different accounts.

Unlimited Sessions

SessionBox allows you to log into as many accounts as you want right in one browser window. There is no limit to the number of sessions or several fingerprints that you can use. Sessions can be synchronized with the cloud, providing convenience and accessibility.


Privacy and security

All sessions opened with SessionBox remain private. A unique fingerprint is created for each session, preventing tracking while browsing.

  • Sessions are securely synchronized between devices using a SessionBox account, ensuring that information is protected from compromise.
  • Tabs managed by SessionBox do not utilize shared storage, protecting user privacy.

Proxy management

SessionBox supports the use of proxies for additional privacy protection. The user can configure their workstation to work with different proxy providers, ensuring anonymous and secure browsing.

Tab Grouping

Users can easily organize related tabs into groups for better visual organization. This makes it easier to manage multiple tabs, making switching between them more convenient and efficient.

SessionBox offers users convenience, privacy, and security across multiple accounts and websites, making the browsing process more efficient and secure.

Who will benefit from SessionBox service and its features

SessionBox will be useful for people who need to work with multiple accounts on the same website or with different websites. It is convenient for professionals, teams, and corporate users who need to manage their online accounts efficiently.

SessionBox service tariffs

SessionBox offers four pricing plans: Hobby, Professional, Teams, and Corporate. The starting price is $8.99 per month. A free version is also available for evaluation, but some advanced features are only available in the paid versions.


Pluses of SessionBox service

  • Easy management of multiple accounts.
  • Privacy and data security.
  • Multifunctionality and efficiency of use.

Minuses of SessionBox service

  • Some advanced features are available only in paid versions.
  • Limited features of the free version.


SessionBox is a handy tool for managing multiple accounts and ensuring online privacy. It offers different pricing plans with different functionalities, suitable for both individual users and businesses.

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