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PiPiADS is a unique spy service specializing exclusively in ad tracking on the TikTok platform. It offers an extensive library of ads including viral ad campaigns, app ads, brand ads, local ads and more.


PiPiADS features

  • Key Metrics Tracking: Users can track the number of impressions, launch date, likes, comments and other important metrics for each ad.
  • Data analytics: Using artificial intelligence, PiPiADS analyzes data and suggests the most converting ads to users.
  • Flexible pricing plans: Users can choose the appropriate pricing plan according to their needs and budget.

Who will benefit from PiPiADS service and its features

PiPiADS will be useful for marketers, advertising agencies and entrepreneurs who want to effectively analyze their advertising strategies on TikTok and monitor their competitors. This tool will help them improve their advertising campaigns and increase profits.

PiPiADS service tariffs

  • Starter: $77 per month or $54 if you pay for a year.
  • VIP: $155 per month or $128 if you pay for a year.
  • PRO: $263 per month or $181 if you pay for a year.

A three-day trial is also available for $1.


Pros of PiPiADS service

  1. Wide selection of filters: For flexible customization of ad and product queries.
  2. Free tools: Traffic calculators, ad cost calculators, document generators and more.
  3. Discounts and extensions: Opportunity to save on annual fees, as well as its own extension for Chrome browser.

Minuses of PiPiADS service

  1. Limited specialization: The service specializes exclusively in TikTok, which may not be applicable for companies using other platforms.
  2. Limited features of the free version: The free version may limit access to some features.


PiPiADS is a powerful tool for tracking ads on TikTok. Its flexible rates, wide range of filters and free tools make it an attractive choice for marketers and entrepreneurs looking to improve their advertising campaigns and increase profits. However, you should take into account the specialization of the service and the limited features of the free version.

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