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Key features of Spendge

Fast and easy maps: With Spendge, users can create virtual maps on the go for traffic and media billing. Secure Payments: Spendge offers a system that provides security with every payment. Integration and personal style: Users can utilize Spendge’s API and create a unique style for their brand. For large transactions: Spendge’s OTC Desk is a great solution for large cryptocurrency transactions.

Key features of Spendge

Spendge features

  • KYC-free: Ability to issue virtual cards without going through the verification process in a few clicks.
  • Crypto Invoices: Issuing invoices in cryptocurrency.
  • Cross-currency transfers: Transferring funds between cards in different currencies.

Who will benefit from Spendge and its features

Spendge is of interest to marketing agencies, arbitrage teams and businesses that need flexible tools to manage finances and make payments in the online environment. It allows you to efficiently manage your finances, issue cards for various needs, and make cryptocurrency transactions.

Spendge Fees

Spendge Fees

  • Start: $50 USD
  • Pro: $500 USD
  • Premium: $2500 USD

Pros of Spendge

  • Fast card creation.
  • Secure transactions.
  • Flexibility and account management.
  • Low fees and cashback.

Cons of Spendge

  • Some limitations in functionality for certain types of businesses.
  • The need to carefully study the features and principles of the service.

Spendge is a powerful tool for media buying and marketing professionals, providing a wide range of features and financial management flexibility. Despite some limitations, it can be a valuable tool for businesses that require a high degree of security and effective financial management.

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