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Key features of Keitaro service

Keitaro is a service for secure traffic tracking and filtering. It is a universal tool for affiliate and performance marketing, combining the functions of TDS, tracker and cloaking service. Keitaro was launched in 2012.

Key features of Keitaro service

Keitaro features

No cookie collection: Keitaro is designed to not collect cookies. This means that the service does not track or store visitor information in the form of cookies, which helps to improve user data privacy.

Compliance with statutory data protection requirements: Keitaro is fully compliant with legal data protection regulations and requirements, including the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

This means that the service provides a high level of protection for users’ personal data, complying with all rules and regulations set forth by the relevant legislation.

These features make Keitaro an attractive choice for those who value privacy and data security, and who are committed to complying with all legal requirements for the protection of personal information.

Who will benefit from the Keitaro service and its features

Keitaro is designed for advertisers, arbitrageurs and webmasters who want to effectively manage traffic and increase profits.

Keitaro offers three pricing plans

  1. Basic: €25/month.
  2. Pro plan: €40/month.
  3. Business tariff (Business): €70/month.

Pros of Keitaro service

Pros of Keitaro service

  • Advanced functionality: traffic filtering, cloaking, bot protection, analytics, multioffers, A/B testing and other options.
  • Integration with more than 120 traffic sources, including major social networks and advertising networks.
  • More than 250+ affiliate network templates.
  • Working with large volumes at high speed.

Minuses of Keitaro service

  • Limited resources within the tariffs.
  • Price of servers.


Keitaro is a powerful traffic management tool that provides a wide range of functionality and campaign optimization options. With a reasonable pricing policy and flexible pricing plans, it is an attractive solution for advertising professionals and webmasters.

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