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Main functions of Hidemium service

Hidemium software is a reliable tool aimed at ensuring user privacy in the online space. It creates a unique fingerprint corresponding to your device, which eliminates the possibility of leaks or inconsistencies.

  • Create unique fingerprints for each profile.
  • Securely pass BOT tests.
  • Avoiding getting locked out for using multiple accounts.
  • Help you manage multiple profiles on a single device.


Hidemium Features

One of the key features of Hidemium is securely passing BOT tests and avoiding account lockout due to using multiple profiles. The generated hardcoded fingerprint provides masking for various parameters such as IP address, time zone, geographical location and others, which enhances the security of your online activities.

  • Unique fingerprints for each profile.
  • Safe passage of BOT tests.
  • Protection from being blocked for using multiple accounts.
  • Support for Windows, Intel and M-based Mac OS.

Who will benefit from Hidemium service and its features

For those who actively participate in online games, manage several accounts in social networks or face blocking of advertising accounts and e-commerce stores, Hidemium becomes an indispensable assistant. The software keeps online games running smoothly and helps manage multiple accounts including Facebook, Gmail, Tiktok, Game and others, protecting them offline from possible blocking for unknown reasons.

Hidemium will be useful for:

  • Users handling multiple social media profiles.
  • Marketers, online store owners facing account blocking.
  • Online game players who want to manage multiple accounts.


Hidemium service tariffs

  • Starting price: $5 per month.
  • Free trial version: Available.

Pros of the Hidemium service

  • Unique fingerprints for each profile.
  • Protection against blocking and BOT tests.
  • Support for various platforms.

Cons of Hidemium service

  • Lack of support for some features on some platforms.
  • Not all features are available in the free version.


Hidemium is a convenient tool for those who work with several profiles on the network and want to maintain privacy and avoid blocking. Despite some limitations in the free version, the service offers reliable tools for reasonable rates.

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